What would you think about a GI Joe blog’s post if it had nothing to do with GI Joe? Well, I’ve had a few that technically aren’t GI Joe, but close. You know, the CORPS! and other tangentially related toys. Today’s post has nothing to do with toys, and that’s actually a relief for me to write about. Having done a post a day for over two years, the grind is getting to me. I love toys, and I love GI Joe, but in all honesty, I’m starting to wonder if I’m running out of steam for this project. I felt like I needed a break from talking about toys and GI Joe for just one day.

I have to talk just a bit about one of the things that really keeps me going–not in the toy collector sense, but in the basics of life sense. It’s my son, Will. Tomorrow we celebrate his third birthday, and he’s developing into an amazing little man. I have to say, also as a dad and avowed geek, I’m more than a little proud he’s also developing an affinity for certain segments of pop culture that his dear old dad was into as a kid. Yes, when he’s not pretending to be a Ninja Turtle, he’s calling himself Luke Skywalker and me Han Solo. Heck, he’s even helped me out on a JAD video or two. It doesn’t get any better than that. Wait a minute, didn’t I say I wasn’t going to talk about toys in this post? Guess I can’t totally avoid it after all.

So yeah, there’s no GI Joe item to be seen here today, just a proud pop who’s wishing his son the bestest of b-days. Here’s to you, kid. Maybe we’ll record a video review tomorrow after your party.


  • Awwww. May da Schwartz be wit’ him!

  • My Brother bought his son [2] a Darth Vader and son story book. He really likes the page with the blue milk.

    On a simmilar note, I think it was my Dad who introduced me to GI JOE, my Dad grew up in the early 50’s, playing with matchbox jeeps, tin soldiers and listening to the retuerned servicemens stories. When i was young, i used to stay up with my Dad and watch the old movies and documentaries which gave me an interest in millitary history. I thing my Joes were the only toys i had that my Dad played along with. Heman was too “gay” for him and he couldnt figure out how to change 95% of my Transformers. So Joe was how we bonded

    Want to hear a funny story about a ninja turtle in my area? I think it was during the 2007 election, one of the candidates was “attacked” by a kid dressed as a turtle. The candidate said to the kid “Are you Donatelo?” to which the guy i was watching the update with shouted at the TV “Thats Michelangelo, dumbass!”

  • Dak the Knomadd

    This is a brilliant post, Rob. It’s almost like the whole project builds up for a chance at a great reprieve such as this.

  • Class act all the way Rob.

  • Great post! Feliz cumpleaños

  • A nice and refreshing change of pace. As I said in the podcast, don’t let this site burn you out. It’s okay to skip a few days or take some time off when it isn’t fun anymore or you delelop writer’s block. It’s great enough that you’re passing on your enjoyment of our hobby to your son. Keep that flame alive!

    Happy Birthday to Will and here’s to a great day to you both. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Will. Did you get any GI Joes for your birthday?

  • happy birthday, Will, hope it’s an awesome one

    Rob, I hope Joe A Day is around for a long time to come but I have no idea how you manage the steam you do for it so my hat is off to you.

  • Steven B. Williams

    It’s very true that we keep our priorities straight. As much fun as G.I. Joe is, G.I. Joe will not love you back. When a person is on their deathbed, they don’t ask for their favorite items. They want their family.

  • A kid that let’s YOU be Han? That’s awesome! Happy birthday to the little guy, and enjoy some family time, dad!

  • As I was walking back to my jeep this morning, the supermarket speakers were playing that “Cats in the Cradle” song.You can’t get that time back with your son…I would be happy with “joeaweek” with a couple of field reports mixed in…

  • Nicely done. Good post.

  • Happy Birthday Will!

    Rob, I know what it’s like with Kids, my hat is off to you for being able to post once a day! It takes me forever…

  • Happy birthday to Will! And way to go keeping things in perspective!

  • Happy birthday little dude, expecting a daughter of my own here on Sept. 20th, it’s gonna be crazy! She’s already spoiled, gonna do my best to get her into comics, Star Wars, and GI Joe if she likes it.

  • Buon compleanno!
    He’s the best “item” You’d do!

  • @Xenohunter
    On a simmilar note, my niece used to love playing with my spare, dinged up CORPS figures until she discovered the ponies. Yes i’m one of the few who actually buys ponies for a real reletive

  • Happy B-day to you Will!
    You know Rob.. we would continue to read your blog even if it was called Joe a Week you know.. what about a Joe on weekdays and another on weekends.. 2 figs per week?

  • Awesome post! Happy birthday to you son!

  • I love that you took a break from Joe blogging. Congrats on raising a cool kid!

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