On the 10th Joe A Day…

With just two more days in our holiday celebration of posts rigidly based on numbers, we’ve come to a nice even number of ten. Since there are ten of them in all, here are the GI Joe Battle Ribbons.

One of the more impressive and most highly referential toy items to the Marvel comic mythos of the Real American Hero era, these fun little tchotchkes were a very cool tie-in item. I love the Marvel comic, and I want them all. Come on, Santa, hit up the eBay, and leave a set of ten under the Joe A Day HQ Christmas tree!


  • Are they actual ribbons, and how durable are they?

  • Yeah, I love the way these tie in to the various story arcs in the comic. They’re a pain to collect on the card since most are hidden within the booklet behind the figure.

    They’re also one of the least remembered promotions that I know of, possibly because it ran shorter than most? I have a couple and I’m still hoping to complete a set of ten myself, ….someday!

  • I vaguely remember the Battle Ribbons. I don’t know why I don’t have as distinct a memory of these as I do the rings, but I definitely know my brother and I had at least one somewhere along the line.

  • Doubt anyone could wear the battle for Springfeild ribbon in public with a streight face…Do’h

  • @ Skymate
    Well, if someone were to wear that, they would need to bandage up their head, have a crazy look in their eye, and keep muttering something about a carwash…

  • @LittleBoa
    As long as it isnt the f***ing Carwash of doom.

  • Fun thing to do would be to figure out which characters would have or qualify for the most of these medals.

    Stalker- Hindu Kush, Springfield (comics), Wadsworth, Gulf of Mexico, Sierra Gordo

  • Of course, I start analyzing some of these as related to the Marvel Comics stories. You could obviously argue about medals being given for secret missions, but maybe these are internal to G.I. Joe. But with the Battle of Springfield… would they authorize a medal for participating in a battle that’s an embarrassing failure of a mission? 🙂

    Oh, also, that medal is supposedly authorized in January 1986, but that’s before the comic was released. January 1987 makes more sense.

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