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I don’t normally post pics of current finds and the like, but I couldn’t resist after today’s visit to a certain toy store. Having a decent amount of new GI Joe product sitting on shelves outside of a movie year is certainly nice to see. I didn’t expect this much volume of the 50th anniversary Toys R Us sets, yet here it is. Will it sell, (especially the vehicles) or sit for months like other exclusive TRU product from more popular lines? Who knows? For now, push the uncertainty surrounding the future of the brand to the back of your mind, and enjoy the knowledge that there’s a bit of a GI Joe section at a toy store again.


  • At mine, all I’ve seen are the 3-packs and Battle Below Zero sets. I’d like to at least start off with getting the Low-Light/Night-Viper pack.

  • I got Eagles Edge set yesterday. Buyer beware: Hawk is a CHEAP figure. The wrist peg broke off mine- AFTER I ran it under hot water. I want the docks set and the Social Clash set.

  • Now thats nice to see.

  • Hopefully that means BBTS will be getting their stock in soon so my pre-ordered Battle Below Zero will be on its way to me. And I’ve gotta say, that kicks the butt of the stock my nearest Toys ‘R’ Us has in. There were just a few Beachhead threepacks floating around. And it didn’t even look like there was space cleared off for vehicle sets.

  • Melting with jealousy hehe, very nice. Wish we had stock of anything here.

  • Wish we were getting that over here…

  • Holy moly – that’s a serious stockpile! Even with all the quality issues (construction & paint), I really like the 50th packaging, and it’s good to see GIJoe in the store (that’s not Wave 1 Retaliation). Odd that TRU seems to be just shoving them on the shelves, not really dedicating space for them.

  • I live in an area full of scalpers so no sights like that for me. πŸ™

  • KansasBrawler: I preordered everything from BBTS (I’m a UK resident so the best way to get). I’ve had everything filled apart from Battle Bellow Zero πŸ™

  • If anything else, it’s great to see some classic 80’s vehicles back at retail. We’re now at the exact same point back when Hasbro delivered the ’97 and ’98 TRUs exclusives.

    As was then and is now, it’s certainly better than nothing.

  • I wish Hasbro UK would market this stuff in UK brick and mortar stores…Its a pity so many scalpers hawk this stuff on ebay at extortionate prices…I did buy a loose complete 50th Destro last night for a great buy now price, he’ll look awesome next to my Wave 3.5 Cobra Commander…From what I’ve read, the QC and plastic is below usual standard, that is a shame. I also feel that Hasbro needlessly re-released figures from previous POC or wot not waves that could have been taken up by other characters from the Concept Vault’s that have been showcased. Many of us have the POC Hawk, Low Light, Blowtorch or box set Baroness and I’d rather not have multiples of exactly the same version of a figure that was made to a better standard a few years prior to whats recently been released. Its a shame the Night Viper is reddish / orange and that The Baroness didn’t re-use the SDCC head sculpt as prices for that figure are ridiculous.

    If anyone owns the H.E.A.T Viper 50th figure, the bazooka is designed to be held in his LEFT hand, the rear of the weapon is cradled in the ‘exhaust’ style support on the backpack, you’ll see what I mean when you fit the thing in his left hand….it annoys me so much no one else has worked this out! Another shame is the fact that the head doesn’t have the little post for the tubing to be fitted onto. A quick Dremel, some sturdy wire or plastic to a similar diameter glued in place and hey presto, job done. The helmet should actually have a darker colour for the face plate side and the side where the targeting sight tubings supposed to go should be a shade lighter, its not supposed to be a ‘dual mirrored faceplate’ as some reviews have said, you only need to look at the original figures card art to realise that, theres a Head Up Display Unit (HUD) in front of the characters left eye side of his face.

    I wonder if a lot of collectors may simply improve on the botched paint apps on the new figures? I will be if it doesn’t look good enough. I’d like to buy Eel with Night Landing, H.E.A.T. Viper, Leatherneck, Night Viper and maybe Arctic B.A.T and Viper Officer…

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