Motorized Battle Tank(MOBAT)

Here it is, the first big vehicle of the Real American Hero era. It’s strange to think that this was the high price point item when the line would later produce truly gargantuan items like the Flagg, Terrordrome, Defiant and General. For the fledgling relaunch, the MOBAT was the big toy to have. It may not have the size or realism of the Mauler, but this tank retains its play value.

The MOBAT is motorized as its name states, and the vehicle can move forward, backward and turn in four directions. It easily conquers small obstacles and takes out book-based hills as pictured on the packaging.

The MOBAT was a vehicular star in both the Marvel comic and Sunbow cartoon. In the early Marvel issues the tank was almost a 14th character, appearing in many pivotal battles and making GI Joe history alongside the team itself.


  • ”The 1982 G.I.Joe M.O.B.A.T.–This awesome pile of heavy iron, spoke volumes in play enjoyment who ever owned one.As long as the batteries, and the motorized engine held out, Cobra was in serious trouble all the away.”

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    Looks like it’s time to get out the q-tips and water and get the dust out of the crevices! That’s what I do with my vintage vehicles snd they look so much better after a good cleaning!

  • The one that started it all! Love the new dio scenes for you photos.

  • A sturdy durable toy. A bit plain i think, even for the time. But how cool to have working tread. Still, i think it lacks because it only carries 1 figure. That was always a deciding factor for vehicles. How many guys can I fit on there?
    The camo anniversary version is a nice upgrade though.

  • Man the MOBAT was an awesome toy, but for the cartoon and comic, was my greatest pet peeve. My family was very military centered. vets every where, serving and retired. GI Joe hit me like right in the sweet spot and considering my room already looked like an Army surplus store. I probably knew to much as a kid and always wondered who the hell Steelers tank crew was. The Gunner, Loader, and Driver. I customized him a crew of course, but it always bothered me to never even hear of them. Especially Issue one where all the Joes are seen in the Issue and Steeler in the command seat. There had to be others inside. Surprised Hama ignored this. If only the early comics adapted the Greenshirt concept like the Cartoons did.

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