Modern Army Action Figures Book Now on Kickstarter

As you probably know, I'm as big a fan of GI Joe and other toys' marketing campaigns as much as the products themselves. I also dig catalogs and toy ads. That's why I'm totally jazzed about a new book project on Kickstarter. Philip Reed has produced similar books covering general action figures, Star Wars, Transformers and even carrying cases over the past few years. I love all that stuff–the dude is on the same wavelength as me!

Hit up the project and give it a look. I've bought several of his past books, and both the design and content are top notch. Check out the samples below and visit the project page:

Modern Army Action Figures on Kickstarter


  • A Mattel logo on Sgt. Slaughter? I think there was a copy editor in very big trouble back in 1986.

  • ”When will this Phillip Reed, have these books you speak of, available for anyone to buy online?”

  • James From Miami

    Sorry, but I just don’t get this. I am a big supporter of G.I. Joe things, but the way that they want to go with this, does not make any sense to me. Why put those pictures of those classic store ads in a G.I. Joe size filecard image? Why don’t they just blow up the whole pages of those original ads, or the section that shows the G.I. Joe toys on some ads, and include the name of the stores where the pictures are from, and the date of the ads(like July 13, 1986, for example), onto the pages of the book that they want to make? I would be way more interested in something like that. You know, having a book that shows photos of classic store ads featuring those G.I. Joe toys from back then. Now that would be great. And, it would be a great book for G.I. Joe collectors, and fans.

    • I agree. The idea sounds great but the execution is odd. And the personal anecdote about Cobra Air Troopers that has nothing to do with vintage ads seems like a fan website, not a book assumably made to appeal to more a general audience.

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