Low Light (2014 Kre-O)

The Kre-O GI Joe figures have been at their best because they manage to distill the essence o classic character designs into just a few basic shapes and broad paint details. Some might call it a Lego knock-off, but the line is getting a bit of its own kind of vibe as it goes along. Sure, the brick figure concept owes its life to Lego, but Hasbro has managed so far with its Joe mini-figs to capture what made its own 80s toys so great. Also, the added articulation is a plus, and in a way harks back to the Real American Hero’s poseability.

What’s to say about Low Light, except that this toy reminds me about what I liked in 1986. From the watch cap to the sniper rifle to the red goggles and shoulder pad, he’s a pretty faithful interpretation of his vintage counterpart. I mentioned the Kre-O line getting its own vibe, and that’s apparent here with the little extra in the GI Joe MRE brick included with the figure. Some may not care for its inclusion over something like an Uzi, but I think it stands out as part of the sense of fun that carries through this line. Here’s hoping the Joe Kre-O line sticks around long enough to work in more extras like this


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