Leatherneck (1993)

I’ve said it before, and I say it again. Nice pants. Why do I find myself drawn to crazy looking pants? I can’t explain it. But here we are with a remake of another classic character. Leatherneck is a fan favorite, and although the character is the second Joe marine, his original 1986 version is also many fans’ favorite marine, even above Gung Ho.

This version doesn’t exactly scream marine to me. He looks more like he should be going on safari, hiding amongst giraffes. I like to think that he and Battle Corps Bazooka (a missile specialist who looks more like a fly fisherman than a soldier) from this series can also be used as the outdoorsmen of the Joe team. Leatherneck isn’t quite neon, but he’s still bright and bold. His file card describes him as a training specialist (drill sergeant) in addition to being an infantryman. Maybe this bright uniform represents his training attire. I believe the Air Force at one time painted its trainer aircraft brightly, often in yellow. Perhaps the Joes do something similar for their training gear . Hey, it’s possible. I’m just trying to work Mr. Giraffe Pants here into my universe.

Unlike most of the Battle Corps series, he came with black weapons. By that point, Hasbro was molding weapons in just about every color of the rainbow. Most collectors who are into the later figures I’m sure have entire bins full of a virtual rainbow of weapons. The amount of weapons per figure was staggering, something that wouldn’t be matched until the recent Pursuit of Cobra line with its abundance of accessories. But unlike the current line’s focus on character specific accessories, the Battle Corps series employed a carpet bombing approach to arming its figures: give everybody a crapload of rifles, knives and handguns, and let the kids sort it out.


  • I agree that something about those giraffe trousers is captivating. Even with the not-very-Marines hat, he does look a little like the ’86 Leatherneck (as does fisherman Bazooka). They should’ve molded his guns in baby blue to match the bullets & magazines on his chest, though. šŸ˜‰

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    When you think about it, it’s kinda surprising that this figure was made by Hasbro and not Funskool.

  • I feel like there were maybe three or four different sets of “gun racks” from this era, so that not every figure got the same accessories, but every figure in three or four did. Or am I completely misremembering that?

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