Law (1993)

Released as part of the Battle Corps series, Law was originally intended to be a member of the DEF (Drug Elimination Force) a short lived sub-group of the Joe team that battled the evil Headman and his Headhunters, who were out to get all the kids of America high on drugs. Oh yes, the 90’s how I do miss you. You always knew what was best for us.

It wouldn’t be a 90’s Joe without a big-ass missile launcher and some eye-popping paint. I had to showcase Law with his original weapons first, because I’m just crazy about the nuclear explosion of color here. The figure itself doesn’t fare too badly in the bright paint department, with the yellow straps being the only obnoxious color. The sculpting detail is where this figure really shines. His padded arms, legs and chest have a molded in texture that is rarely seen on Joe figures. The helmet is a particularly nice and original design, and the exposed and stern looking eyes remind me of the early 80’s masked figures like Torpedo and Storm Shadow.

Throw a decently colored normal weapon in his hand and Law makes a very nice updated military police operative. Too bad the mold was never recolored, as it could have benefitted from a little more subtle color than the bright yellow. It could even have been used effectively as a generic trooper as well.


  • I once gave this version of Law a spare Order to make him complete. The texture on this figure really is amazing. One of Hasbro’s greatest sculpting efforts. If the straps had also been painted blue instead of yellow, this figure would rank a ten.

  • Definitely. Too bad Hasbro or even the Collectors Club didn’t get access to the mold again.

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  • Funny thing is, the DEF version of Law was released (of all places) in Australia. So much for ‘Main Street USA’.

  • The padded look is really cool, as is that head sculpt. Man, I hate those big missile launchers, though. I had mostly stopped collecting in ’92 so I missed out on this guy.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is the only version of Law I ever had. It’s not bad at all, I just wish they would’ve included Order.

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  • Mine broke, but I glued it back. Nice figure for sure.

  • I would have preferred other than yellow strap coloring, too.

    Otherwise, fantastic texture and tight armored design make for one battle ready Law figure!

    In some ways, while there was so much I liked, I missed the removable helmet ability of the 1987 Law figure. As is, Law could be, well, almost anyone else under that face mask. A flip up visor, in similar fashion to 1987 Fast Draw, on Law here would have really knocked this figure up a notch for me, as well.

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