Laser Defense Patrol Power Cycle

Laser Defense PatrolIf there’s one question I’ve gotten zero times in relation to this blog, it’s “Rob, when are you gonna cover some of the licensed GI Joe ride-ons produced by Coleco in the 1980s?” Well, all zero people who ever asked, here you go.

The Laser Defense Power Cycle is an amazingly 80s kid’s vehicle. When you think back to the days of the Big Wheel, Green Machine and others, what would be your ultimate wish list add-on item? How about handlebar mounted sonic laser guns? As an upgrade to the more well-known Mobile Strike Force cycle, the LDP features a big 16 inch front wheel–that’s three more inches of Cobra crushing diameter! Although the handlebar weapon seems like a totally rad idea, the upright orientation of the handles may make maneuvering at speed a bit more challenging. However, without an actual cycle to test ride, I have to reserve my judgment. If someone out there has been behind the wheel of this bad boy, please share your experiences in the comments.

I’m a little surprised that this wasn’t adapted as an actual Cobra vehicle, considering Cobra Commander’s propensity for sending his troops into battle unprotected. Maybe somebody will work up a custom some day.

Coleco, in a frugal move, also reused this cycle mold as part of its own Rambo product line during the mid-80s. An abundance of camo stickers, a Rambo flag and exclusive rear seat mounted ammo box were the main improvements to an already tubular trike. Oh, and don’t forget the headband. If I could somehow imagine the Joes riding into battle on a Big Wheel, I certainly have a little more trouble picturing the grim and gritty First Blood anti-hero exacting bloody revenge behind this 16 inch plastic wheeled death machine…

Rambo Power Cycle

Then again, this toy was released around the time of the Ruby-Spears Rambo cartoon, in which he fought both a descendant of Vlad the Impaler and a remote-controlled Loch Ness Monster. To see what I mean, check out below…

Rambo 10 Deadly Keep by gumymoty

Rambo 65 Horror In The Highlands by gumymoty


  • Transformers and Gobots also had simmilar ride on toys. The Gobots one [dubbed “Scooter”] could actually transform [badly though] and it even makes an appearance in the film Point break. The Transformers big wheel was identical to this except it had an ugly robot face stuck on the handle bars. Looks like the comapny got some mileage out of it.

    The Rambo cartoon probably turned out being simmilar to the Joe cartoon because the executives [or whoever] behind it realised it was the only way a cartoon about a disturbed and shunned vet could be made.

  • Pretty sure that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  • I refer you back to the Corps! Big wheel bike. The Joes might not have used this as a weapon, but somebody else certainly did!

  • Joe “Clutch” Castro

    I kinda wish I’d been younger when these came out. They looked like a lot of fun.

  • I want this bike! Or maybe just the sonic guns to mount on my mountain bike.

  • I just found one in a thrift store now it’s going on Ebay. It does bring back the memories though.

  • I had the G I Joe big wheel. I loved riding around on it. I still remember getting it for my 4th or 5th birthday. I rode it all over my grandmother’s house. I wish I could find one for my 4 yr old son. If anyone out there know howbI could get one. Please let me know. Email me at

  • I got one for Christmas when i was little, i remember my mom telling me after we put it together that i could ride it down the driveway or put the stickers on but i did not have enough time before the street lights came on to do both. lol i chose to ride it. Man! that picture brings back memories

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