Lady Jaye (2009)

If there was one cartoon accurate figure that I really wanted to see as a Sunbow fan, it was Lady Jaye. The original 1985 figure is by no means bad, in fact even as a kid I found it to be a vast improvement over Scarlett and Cover Girl. But we Sunbow aficionados had to wait, and wait and wait for a “perfect” cartoon Lady Jaye. It seemed like Hasbro were ignoring us for years. I remember thinking, how hard is it to just get rid of that dang cap on her head?

In the 2008 DVD pack, we finally got a hatless version. It wasn’t quite cartoon accurate however, since it used the 2007 mold, which was based closely on the vintage card art, and also had her shirt unzipped to PG-13 levels. I know that the original card art was showing a little decolletage, but the figure was quite eye-popping.

The 2009 five pack set incorporated the previous version’s head with a brand new body mold, and finally–finally we had a Lady Jaye to do us cartoon freaks proud. This version improves upon the DVD pack in so many ways. Most importantly, the new body sculpt. The earlier release had a bit of the “diaper crotch” going on, and was generally under-detailed. This one has a lot of nice sculpted folds and details, and really shows off how far Hasbro had come with the modern style in just two years.

Accessories are also taken up a notch for this Lady Jaye. The previous version’s modular javelin and backpack return, this time accompanied by a one-piece version that makes for some great posing opportunities. She also gets a new web belt, knife and Sunbow-accurate popped collar.

This is definitely my default Lady Jaye figure, and one that would be hard to top, unless a modern re-imagining comes along. I remain interested to see how the movie version’s figure turns out. Wonder if she’ll be wearing a hat?


  • Love LJ and this is near a great one, I do want a Retaliation based one too though.

  • Steven B. Williams

    I got the DVD version of Lady Jaye. I much rather have this ’09 version; I don’t need to see that much skin on a female action figure. Speaking of modern reimaging, it would be interesting to see an updated version of Lady Jaye (a PoC-ish treatment, if you will; I don’t mean the ‘Retaliation’ version).

  • One of my favorites. Don’s too. Sunbow on the mind? 🙂

  • I have the 2007 and DVD versions, but this one is still on my list. The collar goes a long way towards completing the cartoon look. Lady Jaye is one of my favorite characters from the Sunbow series and this figure is the best representation of her in this format.

    Although you KNOW that I gotta prefer the PG-13 cleavage most of all… =)

    Realism, guys. Realism. 😉

  • I like this version.
    But the best Lady Jaye is , with her big boobs!

  • Great read, I didn’t realize that the 2009 version was even more Sunbow accurate than the DVD BP version. And now the hunt begins… ( heads over to

  • Took me forever to find this version. When I finally won the auction on eBay, I was in school boy crush heaven again(it also explains why I like women with huskier voices).

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  • I never had Lady Jaye as a kid so my “default” version of her would be this one. As her cartoon incarnation is what i’m most familiar with.

  • This figure gives me thoughts of great anguish as my daughter lost one of her green gloved hands, never to be seen again. I still have the head though, lol

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