Kindle Worlds Toy Fan Vote now live on Hasbro Pulse!

The G.I. JOE Kindle Worlds Toy Fan Vote is now live on Hasbro Pulse. Fans can now vote for their favorite original character from’s Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe stories to be added to the 2016 G.I. Joe toy line!

The vote is now live on through next Monday, November 9.

Get out there and vote for your favorite! I’m partial to the Adventure Team, but all four look pretty interesting.






  • I kind of wish none of the above was an option….

    I guess the Adventure Team guy would the best option. At least he’s honest in what he is.

  • The characters are interesting (haven’t read the stories), and that Robert Atkins art is the BOMB! Mostly, I’m happy to see Hasbro doing something out of the ordinary for GIJoe. Maybe the “reinvention” is really happening? Or maybe we’ll get this figure and 2 Snake Eyes, a Duke, Roadblock, Cobra Commander….

  • Letal, I’d appreciate your vote, then. Here’s a quote about Marcus:

    “Without Marcus, there would simply be no Adventure Team. He’s been my right-hand man all along, an equal partner in all my decision-making, and instrumental in designing the vigorous, broad-spectrum training for the next generation of Adventure Team members. He’s also a good friend, one of the most reasonable men I’ve ever known.” – GI Joe

  • So is Marcus the black Adventure Team Commander? (equal partner, forming the Adventure Team) Why is he only an E5 if he graduated from West Point?

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