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I just can’t seem to get enough of the Steel Brigade. This ad from an Action Force magazine is even more bold than the various US pamphlets that touted the figure. It even pictures the toy itself. Very nice.

The concept of ordering an action figure that you (sort of) created still piques my interest. This is definitely something Hasbro could capitalize on if GI Joe makes it back to the mainstream, kid-focused toy aisle. I can see an online order form, along with customizable accessories or even alternate heads to choose from. Maybe even folks could pay a bit extra to get a custom printed head sculpt. Heck, even us grown-up collector types would get in on the fun.




  • Dammit, Hasbro, you owe me a Steel Brigade figure

  • Those sawtooth explosions really get your attention! And I don’t think I’ve seen that art at the bottom before.

  • I find it odd that the figure pictured is a production level variant, but the rifle is custom painted.

    It’s a great ad, though. I love the Action Force advertisements since they used the real toys. The back page ads in the AF comics were stuff of legend.

  • We must’ve been thinking along similar wavelengths. I wore Steel Brigade colors yesterday (minus the olive vest and buckethead helmet of course).

  • Yes, subtlety wasn’t really in it was it. I like your idea for a modern take on a design-it-yourself figure Rob. Would get my vote.

  • @Dekkard
    I dont understand why the Joes dont have a desin-it-yourself figure.
    Star wars has had “fans choice” for years AND Transformers got Windblade

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