John Eagle (2003 Lanard CORPS!)

Lanard’s Corps! line didn’t really follow the typical 80’s good guys vs bad guys logic of action figure lines like GI Joe. Because there weren’t media offshoots like a comic or cartoon, and the mythos wasn’t as strongly portrayed on the packaging, kids were left to interpret how these guys related to one another.

Whenever I saw Corps! figures in the stores as a kid, I thought John Eagle looked like the leader. Maybe it was the card art, but he sure looked to be the in-command type, even though his garb was of a commando type, with dark sweater and knit cap.

Most of the Corps! personalities of the 80’s made the transition to the redesigned 2000’s line. John Eagle was reworked a bit, looking younger but also retaining his commando style with signature cap. These days, he’s also equipped with more communications tech and climbing gear as well.

This version of the figure was part of the Sniper Scout series, a slightly higher price point single figure assortment that included snap-on camouflage pieces. When placed on the figure, they made a sort of ghille suit. This was around the same time as the GI Joe Spy Troops era, in which many figures came equipped with cloth camouflage suits. I’m not sure which came first, but it is interesting to note.

The camo look is effective, and I like the play value of snap-on bits more than a simple cheap green cloth poncho. I’m glad to see a me-too series like the Corps! continue break out and find its own originality. That’s actually been happening since the line’s beginnings, and I hope it continues.



  • That camo is awesome. I want some for my 1990 Ambush now!

  • Corps figures served a purpose for me when they were made with o rings. These t-crotch abominations serve no purpose as they have no o-rings i can scavange

  • I’ve got a carded set of four Sniper Scouts which includes this guy but the figures aren’t identified by name somehow. Also, John Eagle wears a light olive jacket there rather than a gray one.

    Another guy in the set reminds me of the bearded dude in that A-Team episode where a team of mercenaries capture them one by one except for Hannibal. So I see these guys as generic villains more than Corps! characters, but the sculpting and accessories on them are awesome nonetheless.

  • I have a fondness for the Corps figures although I use them as a mercenary army loosely affiliated to Cobra through Major Bludd. I also have John Eagle as a team leader funnily enough. Sadly, the figures all declined as the years went on. Firstly with bizarre repaints (red & yellow camo anyone), secondly bizarre figures (Hat-Trick Lemonade!) then as they finally got more sensible colours and better molds, the articulation fell back to T-crotch and the weapons grew to Chap-MEi sizes…

  • “Cheap” in appearance, maybe, but I’ve gotten the impression that cloth goods cost more to produce for action figures than plastic.

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