Joe A Day 2nd Anniversary Epic Podcast

Can you believe it’s been two years since I started this madness? To celebrate another year of the blog, and make even more work for myself, I brought together a group of readers and all around cool GI Joe friends to talk about (what else?) GI Joe. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Carson from
Legendary Tom Brooks
Mark (@YT74)
Ethan Ferguson
Dak from The Critical Hit Anomalists
Joseph (Clutch) Tages
Josh AKA KansasBrawler
Gary, Mike and Justin from What’s on Joe Mind

Also big thanks to Dave from Flag Points for helping out again and acting as a co-host, and the biggest thanks of all to my greatest supporters and special surprise guests, Almitra and Will Buzan. You guys rock!

Take a listen below and hear everyone talk about their GI Joe “must saves”, “must haves” and also give me advice on staying sane.


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