JAD Needs Your Help

Hey, it’s Rob from Joe A Day, the daily GI Joe blog that ran from 2011 to 2019. The site hosting is due on April 22, and before the site goes dark, I thought I’d throw out a Lifeline to the community. I’m not normally one to do these things, but the hosting costs just won’t fit in the budget any longer. Things are tough for everyone right now, so I get it if you tell me, “Man, handle your business!” and “Why are you waiting until there’s only six days left to get this done?!” I guess life comes at you pretty fast and all that… I will also point out that there’s a danger that some of the finest, most culturally important toy commentary (and pretty photos) of ALL TIME are at risk of disappearing into the internet ether. (Cue Arms of the Angels).

Won’t you please consider throwing a couple bucks JAD’s way? It’ll keep this important cultural landmark open for another year, during which time I’ll handle my business and make sure this thing gets paid for myself. I promise.

Here’s the link, and the goal is $250 to keep the HQ servers running. Thanks for all the support of JAD over the years!


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