Intruders Commander (1976)

Intruder Commander (1976)

The enemy of GI Joe! the packaging touted. The first enemy of GI Joe, to be exact. In all of its twelve year existence, GI Joe had no real antagonist, aside from animals and mother nature. These caveman-looking figures were described as strong men from another world. Their brutish looks belied their background as super intelligent aliens. Strangely enough, for all their intellect, they came without any sort of weaponry or equipment. Their only gear being the decidedly low-tech armored singlet, the Intruders appear to be I’ll prepared to take over the world.

This figure is the Commander, and carries on the 70s GI Joe tradition of a beard representing higher rank. Like the Joe team, the clean shaven Intruder was the run of the mill warrior, while this impressively facially follicled fiend was the leader.

The toy is surprisingly diminutive in relation to the twelve inch Joe’s. Looking like something from a completely different line, I have to wonder about the design origins of such a mismatched scale. The Intruders actually look more at home battling the smaller Super Joe figures, released one year later.

The figure incorporates a single action feature, a crushing grip that’s activated via a button on the back. The feature actually works quite well, and the Intruder can squeeze Joes with a firm bear hug. Maybe that’s the way this alien menace intended to conquer Earth–through the power of tough love.

Intruder Commander (1976)

Intruder Commander (1976)

Intruder Commander (1976)


  • Wow! This figure is comical! Yet, a joy to read about. Thank you, JAD!

  • There’s just too many questions for these guys! I think alot of young kids could come up with better, more thought out ideas than these weirdos. Really! Caveman aliens! Really? Where’s their space ship? Where’s their weapons?

  • It’s almost like Hasbro acquired some dinosaur toy line and decided to market these guys against a remodeled GIJoe. But if you’re going to jump the shark, go full throttle!

  • He looks like he doesnt know weather he wants to be a caveman, viking or Spartan

  • That outfit looks crazy too. Its so weird. The Viking symbol on his uniform? Its just so miss matched…..

  • He should have a sword

  • I had an Intruder – the Vintage One, shown above – and I love it, like I did my G.I. Joes’. It was ALL we had then. its comical to individuals who weren’t kids then and females looking at him as an Action Figure for Boys. Toys were made of Cast Iron ala Tonka Trucks and Hard Plastic ala G.I. Joes’ & All. THEE BEST TOYS were from the 60s & 70s. Kids DON’T even play with Toys Today – NOR, Play the Games that were Played OUTSIDE Then. NO Saturday Mornings to Afternoon Cartoons and Karate Movies & Monster Movies on Saturdays, NO-more. SMH SAD. Kids DON’T know What they MISSED.

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