Infested Island VHS Cover

Who woulda thunk that VHS collecting would become a thing? I guess I’m a little skeptical about it, seeing that I grew up with them. The big box and clamshell packages were the butt of jokes when my friends and I would see them still lingering on the shelves of Blockbuster and the like back in the 90s. Who knew then that someone in the future might sink a Benjamin on a copy of Three on a Meathook? But who am I to judge? I once bought a set of Star Wars film cel suspenders and tie. To each his own.

The early Sunbow GI Joe episodes were released in the large format VHS boxes, complete with some pretty nicely done comic book style art. It was a pretty brilliant way of describing the video beyond the usual copy on the back of the box. Of course, as time passed and the style of VHS packaging became more streamlined, the covers changed as well. The DIC episodes released in the format featured a common design element of bullet holes and scenes blasting through steel (I suppose that’s what it represents). The art is quite well done, and if the series had held up to this quality, it might have been more enjoyable. I’m not sure who that is running in the background, but it looks to be Ozone’s doppelganger. I think that also may be the Brawler in the back as well, which makes sense, as it features in the episode’s cold open.

By the way, you can watch the episode online via tubitv right here. Partake of your favorite mood-altering beverage, or put on your highest strength pair of nostalgia goggles, and check it out.

Infested Island VHS Cover Front Infested Island VHS Cover Back


  • Ozone and Cesspool are kitschy enough to make the cover worthwhile.

  • My namesake has a prominant role in that episode

  • James From Miami

    Thank you for that link.The picture on the video is actually pretty good. The sound is even better. I actually have the Spanish dubbed versions of this episode, and Chunnel. I also had the El Dorado: The Lost City Of Gold. I found all three at some place called 99 Cents Stuff, back in the late 90’s. For a dollar each. There were so many, I should have picked up a few more. Some of these VHS cassettes had a yellow sticker on the wrapper that said, En Espanol. As far as I know, all or some of the cassettes were in Hi-Fi, but I think some of them might have been duplicated either in SP, LP, or EP mode. Very strange for VHS cassettes released by Buena Vista Home Video. As for this episode, like most of the 1991 DIC season two episodes, the artwork, and/or the animation, is not that good. Season one was way better on those two things than season two. Season two is notorious for some episodes were weird things would happen. Or characters would do weird things. Like things that were not supposed to be done by those particular characters. Like in this episode, there is a scene where Ozone, after he gets mutated, he does a ninja back flip onto the back of a giant mutated grasshopper. Also, the guy who does Flint’s voice, shows no emotion in his voice in most of the scenes of this episode. He sure ain’t no Bill Ratner. As for the vehicles that were featured, to me the G.I. Joe Brawler tank, always looked like it could have been made for the Battle Force 2000. I always thought that the red Cobra helicopter that was in this, and the Chunnel episode, was actually made. It wasn’t. What a shame. It sure would be nice if it got made today. And with the canopy opening the way it did in these DIC episodes. I am actually beginning to like the music in these episodes, especially the rock soundtracks. I think if these episodes ever got re-released on DVD, or Blu-ray, in 5.1 surround sound, that would make them more enjoyable to watch.

    • Hello how are you? I saw your comment and I read that you have the VHS in Spanish of the DIC series, I am looking for two years ago, I am from Spain, I would like to know if you have them transformed into a digital format, to download or buy them, even if it is the audio I need, That the episodes in original English I got them. From now I would appreciate your response, it is a project to rescue episodes of the DIC in Spanish for Spanish speaking fans.

  • It’s like any old thing, take records…., something that supposedly is a dead dinosaur in the big mass media arena, but has taken on a craft market of its own in very expensive new equipment as well as worldwide known bands only putting out their craft on vinyl.

    VHS shells are things that will just become more rare, and these things were probably beat up over the years. You don’t get this type of stuff to hold and look at when one streams a movie. Once the stream is done, it’s done.

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