Iceberg (1993)

Well, I really really thought I was done with the snow themed figures a few days ago. Along came spring, and along with it, another snow storm. For the occasion, I broke out another fella in white. This time it’s the second version of Iceberg.

In 1993, I was fully into GI Joe and action figure collecting as an adult. Gone were the clandestine trips to Childrens Palace and Toys R Us, and the quiet detours to the WalMart toy aisles. I had blossomed into a full-blown toy geek, unashamed to trek to the toy stores and proudly plop an entire wave of new action figures on the counter. “No, Ms. Checkout Clerk, these are not for my nephew, and I do not need a gift receipt. They’re for me. And yes, I’m going to play with them.”

I picked up this Iceberg remembering that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original as a kid. My opinion of that figure has since changed, but I still find it disappointing in terms of accessories. The poor guy didn’t even come with a backpack. This Iceberg remedies that situation, with the usual Battle Corps array of colored weapons attached to a plastic tree. Unlike some of the Battle Corps line’s other figures, Iceberg’s accessories made sense in relation to his specialty. I found myself most impressed with his snowboard.

Though yellow probably isn’t the best color to choose as an accent for an arctic operative, I find the addition of bold color intriguing. The explosion/leaf shaped camo pattern is another touch of strangeness, and the sort of thing I’d expect to see on a Lanard figure. Wait a minute, I think I have seen it. Maybe the bright yellow gloves and mask were the only colors the team could buy in the waning years of their heyday. Crazy colors aside, this is one of the best arctic figure molds in the line, filled with a lot of detail and some cool texture. Unfortunately, it was one of the ’93 molds that didn’t get a repaint the next year.


  • The painted sclera around his pupils is also a great touch. Hasbro afforded Heavy Duty the same treatment two years prior and for all intents and purposes, this figure could double as either character. Other than going with yellow paint over beige or green, this is one of the best sculpts from the Battle Corps era and easily among the most lovingly crafted molds from the class of ’93.

  • The Joe line certainly went overbord with polar troops in the last two years. I think there was something like 11 [counting the repiants] cold weather/polar troops released between ’93 and’94
    I heard somewhere that there was going to be a ‘new’ cartoon in ’94 but it never happened but it was supposed to be about the Joes travelling all over the world.

    This Iceburg is on my battlecorps wish list. I intend to pick him up provided he doesnt turn into a killer whale

  • This is a mold that would’ve been a great addition to the 2005 Winter Operations 6-pack.

  • The yellow coloring is obviously designed to help him blend in with *all* types of snow, if you get my drift. Heh…I said “drift”… As for the green…well, that’s to camouflage him from helicopters when he gets suck upside down in an evergreen.

  • Looks like they got all the types of snow cammo covered then

  • Ha! I can relate to feeling awkward about buying GI Joes in my teens and twenties. I would carry lists with me into the toy aisle and adopt a facial expression as if I didn’t want to be there but was doing a favor for my little brother or something. Glad I found out that there were plenty of other toy geeks out there. I have a place to belong!

    I always had mixed feelings about Joes like this ICEBERG that had molded masks because I like seeing faces. I much preferred figs with removable helmets instead of permanently molded masks such as BBQ, Beach Head, wet suit. Snake Eyes had a good reason for wearing a mask all of the time as did the cobras, but when the Joes were just hanging out together, it seemed weird for them to be wearing their facegear. Thank heaven for the modern era with swappable heads!

  • When i was in year 12 [thats the twelth grade or there equivelant] i was repeatedly mocked by the middle school kids for collecting toy soldiers. These same middle school kids were the same ones whom were spending hundreds of dollars on tiny packets of cardboard with little Japanese monsters on them. I still have all my Joes from that period where as Pokemon crap cant be given away.

  • Nice looking figure, though I’ll probably never go out of my way to track one down due to the yellow coloring.

  • Is anybody excited about the new club version of Iceberg?

  • Could use a better head.

  • Real Joes drink from bota bags when it’s cold! 😉 I like this figure, but the lower half seems a bit lacking – has that ’93 Gung Ho look (tight trousers, small boots). But the Battle Corps era had some great sculptors on staff.

  • I am, he’s one of the few ’86 characters we’ve yet to see in the 25th/30th style. Not sure about the fur collar but I’ll take what they give me. Hoping Cross Country is next!

  • Amen to swappable heads, Color-Viper! I usually passed on figures with non-removable helmets as a kid, especially when the cartoon showed their faces all the time. (Airtight, Barbecue, and Wet-Suit in particular.) It seemed like Hasbro was cutting costs all of a sudden and fans were being cheated out of an otherwise awesome figure.

    I made exceptions when I really liked the character, such as Dusty or Mainframe. But guys like Sneak-Peek were major downers no matter how I looked at them.

  • Probably the better of the two Icebergs. It would be much better if not for the bright yellow. Definately a solid late-GI Joe run arctic trooper though.

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