I get by with a little help from my friends…

Maybe you’ve noticed (or hopefully you haven’t) that I’ve been featuring fewer actual figures on the site of late. The reasons are twofold:

First, I’ve lately been fascinated with GI Joe paperwork, ads and package artwork so much that I feel like sharing it more often. I can’t help myself! It’s cool, right?

Second, I’ve been more pressed for time than usual, and haven’t had the ability to schedule photo shoots and stockpile them like I had been. This fact, together with the overall time constraint, leaves me sometimes rushing to get a daily feature up.

As a result, I really need to take a little time off from daily updates while I catch up on shooting and planning. However, I’d prefer not to leave the site stagnant for a couple of weeks in the meantime. That’s where you the readers come in. You contribute so much to the site in terms of comments, that I’d like to throw an idea out there. I think it would be really cool if the readers took over JAD for a bit with daily posts about…well…anything you want, provided it’s tangentially related to GI Joe.

As you know, my little musings are at times very short, and the field is wide open in terms of GI Joe (and related) subject matter. I’m not expecting 5,000 word treatises on the nature of good and evil as embodied by a series of plastic dolls, or artistically photographed diorama photos (although those would be great!) I’m looking for your thoughts and/or pics involving our favorite Moveable Action Man/Adventurer/Real American Hero.

If you’re interested in submitting a post, (and helping me stay sane!) just hit me up via the contact page.


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