Headman (1992)

Why do some villains have to look like utter fools? Was it something in their childhood that twisted their psyches like creeper vines, choking out not only the decency in their hearts, but also their ability to dress themselves appropriately? Take a look at Headman here, and tell me that any of his henchmen aren’t laughing every time he enters a room. He looks like the Sith Lord version of the Godfathers Pizza guy.

The saddest part of the Headman’s look is that his troops are some of the most imposing designs of the 90’s era. Both the Headhunters and Headhunter Stormtroopers are excellent molds that hark back to the glory days of fearsome enemy designs.

Strangely enough, the character’s design in the DIC series was a bit more tasteful, and he was outfitted in a dark suit, glasses and cape. Maybe they just didn’t have the budget to animate all those gold pinstripes. I can’t believe I just implied that a DIC design was tasteful, coming from the same series that gave us Billy Blaster and his nipple star.

If there’s a saving grace to this figure, it’s…um…uh…

Hey, have you read my post about ’85 Flint?


  • Dak the Knomadd

    “Sith Lord version of the Godfathers Pizza guy” makes him sound pretty cool, actually… maybe?

    The only thing I ever found a use for any part of this figure was when I got his (alternate color) head in a fodder lot a while back and thought he might be a good custom Zorro head. Mind you, I haven’t gotten around to anything beyond that thought, and in all likelihood, never will.

  • And strangely, his launcher and rifle were packed with the Battle Corps repaint of Mutt and Junkyard the following year. The Headman mold has been used the following times:
    -Headman V2 (2002), where they repainted his blonde hair black, for some reason….
    -2004 Comic Pack General Flagg (sans the legs and head)
    -2005 Crimson Guard Force 6-pack Tomax and Xamot (sans the head)
    -2005 Comic Pack Shrage (arms only)
    -2006 Comic Pack Lt. Gorky (arms only)
    -2010 Convention exclusive Black Major (arms only)

    It’s funny–Headman would’ve fit more in line with Hasbro’s COPS N’ Crooks line from ’89-90. A few of the characters even had similar names.

  • The only saving grace there was giving General Flagg and the Twins the closest we’ve gotten to army dress and business suits.

  • There’s not much redeeming about this figure. I want to like him, but just can’t. However, the ’02 repaint is one of my favorite villains.

    But, I just see the Hamburglar when I look at this version.

    Roble, roble.

  • The only reason because I never had Headman is that he looklikes the funny traditional neapolitan mask called “Pulcinella”!

  • The mask was silly and the gold paint rubs off too easily, but I liked the figure well enough. At least he wasn’t a clone of an existing Cobra villain. The headhunters were neat, but their visored faces just scream “COBRA”. If you gonna create a new bad guy group, it’s best to make them more distinct than the the regular enemy.

    In reality, most of the bad guys costumes were laughable. Destro in a metal mask, open collared shirt with chain necklace. And Zartan with his sports bra armor.

    • I agree. I can’t hate on Headman too much; at least his chest/belly is covered. Still not sure if he’s a natural blonde or not (what’s with the ‘stache & goatee? or the ’02 repaint?).

  • Headman is one of my favorites! He´s got a Film-Noir look to him that I think is pretty cool. The facemask sucks though. I never really saw him as a drugdealer, I always thought of him as a mobster trying to form a rival organization of Cobra.

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