Hard Drive (1997 Bronze Bombers)

Yeah, I know these Bronze Bombers based on Joe molds go for a pretty penny, but the blue Track Viper body plus new head equals one crazy looking figure. The head sculpt is damn goofy, and the paint apps are short. Seriously, I got nothin’ today, folks.


  • I don’t think the head is goofy. I think he looks great!

  • Hmm. I ought to pick up one of those Bronze Bombers sets, and maybe an extra of a few of the figures, like the one with the green Skidmark mold and the one that used the Secto-Viper mold.

  • While I get that these figs are somewhat hard to find, I feel that the Bronze Bombers don’t really live up to the hype. They use a lot of odd base colors and have such minimal paint apps that they make ARAH figures from 2002-2004 look like Convention pieces. There’s a few figures that can hold their own in a Joe collection. But, figs like this one just don’t hold up. Considering the price tag for individual figures these days, I’d rather get my 20th ’83 Trooper than my first of many of these figs.

  • Hard Drive looks a lot like Chris Rock. I enjoy Chris’s work, so I would pick up a loose figure if these guys weren’t so expensive.

  • Steven B. Williams

    Being from the southeastern part of the United States (with our shameful history of racism), I feel like the figure’s head borders on becoming a sterotypical portrayal of African-Americans circa 1940. 🙁

  • Why are these so expensive? Isn’t this the set that came with nothing but Eco Warrior Flint’s hose-cannon, multiplied dozen-fold? Are they rare? And if so, who finds them so desirable as to raise the prices? I’m so confused.

  • Hm. When i saw these in stores years ago i wasnt that impressed. I was at a different stage in life so perhaps that contributed to that response. Now though…looking at this ‘Hard Drive’ figure i must say .

    I like it. A lot actually.

    The head sculpt doesn’t look goofy to me.

    Who knew?

  • I guess Yla Eason, founder of Olmec Toys didn’t disappear. She’s got a Twitter account.

    She also seems to be currently at an advertising agency, R/GA as learning & development director.

    Can’t find what happened around the end of Olmec, but obviously she’s not afraid of the Chinese Army coming to collect in blood what it lost in money or some wild conspiracy like that. It made for a fantastic story but looks to have been more fiction than fact.

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