Guile (1994 Heli-Fighter Pilot)


The Street Fighter spin off series of the 90’s produced not only figures based on Joe molds, but vehicles as well. This was a stretch to say the least. What possible reason would fighters like Chun-Li and Blanka have to drive a missile-firing off-road truck? One character that could justify piloting a military vehicle is Col. Guile, who has a background in special forces. Guile was included with a couple of the Street Fighter vehicles, one of which being the Heli-Fighter, a repaint of the classic Dragonfly copter.

Most of the Street Fighter figures received a repaint in the line, particularly the drivers. Here, Guile gets a blue and white theme to replace his usual greens. The mold is the same as his original figure, as I suppose that a guy like Guile doesn’t need to mess with things like pilot gear, or even a helmet. He just throws on a new tank top and some amoeba camo pants and jumps into his ride. Dude, nice pants. They look more like he stole some jammie bottoms from his little nephew than something a special forces badass would wear.


  • With more proper paint aps, the Street Fighters would have made for some awesome additions to the Dreadnoks or the Oktober Guard. Guile here certainly looks like he could fit the part of a Cobra heavy ala Big Boa. It’s safe to say that there some saving graces to the whole video game tie-in if you just use your imagination.

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