GI Joe on Sale at K-Mart…in 2002

Here’s a double your displeasure ad if you’re a toy collector. An ad from an almost defunct department store for a brand that’s in hibernation. Yay! Sorry I didn’t get this one out on Black Friday, but I didn’t want anyone to run to their local non-existent K-Mart looking for GI Joes fighting Yetis or Sound Attack Choppers.


  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    The last two near me are closing! No Joes of course, but my wife and I did get a bunch of household stuff cheap.

  • The last K-Mart in my area closed last year, and I haven’t seen a GI Joe in a store since 2014. Is this what it feels like to be old? I may need a drink. Or at least a fuzzy yeti toy.

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