Flint (2008 Cobra Disguise)

When I grabbed this figure up to take photos, I remembered back to the time of its release, and how excited I was to get it. A Flint based on a never before made Sunbow look; should have been a no-brainer great figure, right? Then I remembered how bummed I was when I actually opened it up. Flint and the Cobra Trooper were two figures that the 25th anniversary series just couldn’t seem to get right. This Flint in disguise combines them, and hey kids, it’s two times the disappointment!

The Cobra Trooper shared the problems inherent in the beginnings of the 25th series. Poseability problems with the arms and hips made me wonder if these figures were really intended to be playable toys. I suppose in the beginning, with the five packs, they were aimed at collectors. Maybe even later, when the line expanded, they still weren’t totally aimed at kids. Most looked good sitting on the shelf, though. Some didn’t, and that’s where this Flint comes in.

The idea was a wonderful one: make Flint from his classic appearance in the Revenge of Cobra, in which he and Mutt requisition a couple Cobra uniforms and Stinger jeep.  I know it’s not an exacting version of the animated counterpart, but you can see the inspiration. At any rate, what we got was this lanky fellow, with Flint’s oddly muscled arms and Mr. Spock meets Rondo Hatton head. Time just hasn’t been kind to these modern guys. As the years since the release of the 25th line pass by, the more I find myself losing interest in it. The period was a rough beginning to modern Joes, but on a positive note, it gave rise to the more recent super detailed and well articulated figures.

Though the figure is disappointing, I love the super cool Sunbow style rifle. Very nice. Now I need a plastic laser beam to attach to the end of the barrel.


  • Still, at least they adjusted the Cobra Trooper hips with this iteration (along with the Python trooper they did in the previous two waves).

  • The face fares the worst for me. Flint looks too gaunt, almost as if he were being played by John or David Carradine. This would have been a good thing for customizers had the beret been removable.

  • I just slapped the cobra trooper head on it and tossed it in the army builder box. I actually sort of miss the 25th line-now all those classic updates are expensive exclusives…

  • As a cartoon look it fails. Flint went gloveless wearing the Cobra uniform and had Sunbow Flint had brown hair. Plus the webgear and basic collar being incorrect compared to toon versions of the Cobra trooper.

    But I got one for $3 at Family Dollar, and it was worth that.


  • I still kinda dig this guy. He’s currently riding a World Peacekeepers horse and being chased by a mismatched squad of a Hydra soldier, a Star Wars Stormtrooper, and Iron Monger.

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