Firefly (2004 Cobra Strike Team – Urban Division)

What do you get the saboteur who has everything? How about a snazzy new outfit that goes with just about anything. Really, anything? If anything means Cobra blue, grey or black then yes.

Look at it this way: Firefly is an important guy in the Cobra hierarchy. Cobra Commander himself hired the man years ago to exact revenge on Snake-Eyes. It would stand to reason that he could come and go within the Cobra organization as he pleased, and could operate within its many subdivisions. Necessity would dictate that he have one outfit to fit in with the basic blueshirt troopers and Vipers, the Crimson Guard, and even the Shadow Guard. Nobody wants to have to bring three changes of clothes for every mission.

I figure Firefly stopped off at the Cobra temple’s automated warddrobe device and did a little picking and choosing of colors, combined with his favorite grey camo pattern and viola–a new set of togs that would be sure to turn heads on the battlefield.

Seeing Firefly in an urban assault themed multi-pack isn’t much of a stretch, considering his original look was really the first example of urban camouflage in the Real American Hero line. While his color scheme doesn’t totally match the other figures in the set, there is at least some kind of tie-in with the blue and black present on the other figures.


  • I find it really quirky that Firefly is the only RAH figure whose entire mold, accessories and all, has been re-released multiple times, all complete. If you look back from the original figure, with his gun, walkie talkie and backpack with removable cover, it’s been done complete for the 1998 arctic version, the 2000 woodland camo version, both of the 2003 convention versions, Wreckage, Crimson Guard Force, and finally this Urban version. All came with the original accessories, and nothing about the mold was altered.

  • Yeah, someone in control of the molds must really have loved the ’84 Firefly. I wish the various FLAGG parts had gotten as much attention. Ditto for the ’83 HQ, the Terror Drome and various figure molds who went MIA long ago.

    This color scheme would have worked nicer on the Alley Vipers than the classic orange and blue which has never done much for me. It also reminds me of an ice cream flavor. This can be either good or bad for Firefly depending of how you look at it.

  • It’s a testament to a decent mold that has stood the test of time. It’s detailed and bulky enough that he doesn’t look out of place next to newer figures. This is a figure that’s really cool, but not a “must-have”. The original pretty much covers this one’s niche. Nice to have his accessories in black, though.

  • If not for the comic pack version, I would hold this as the best version of Firefly ever released. The paint detail is amazing and the colors are a perfect homage to Cobra and Firefly’s origins.

    But, like others have said, by the time this guy came out, the Firefly mold had been done to death and no one really much cares about this guy. It’s too bad as I think this figure is definitely superior to the vintage Firefly.

  • Jonah Hardenbrook

    This is a cool mold, and I like the colors, but the original is sooo hard to beat. I don’t know if it can be improved upon, but just made a little different.
    I like it, but don’t really see a need for it since it is very similar but as awesome as the original.

  • I love this version of FF, probably my fav ARAH version of him (But the comic pack is a very close second), What I really love is how the details are brought out with this version (They were with the crimson set too, but that was after this one). At the time I remember talking with a few peeps and calling 84 Firefly the hardest working man in the Joe line LOL, he was everywhere, there are some versions of the mold that show some of that wear (if you compair them to the original especially, the details are not as sharp even though they are painted better), but it’s still a great fig for paint alone. Has the basic elements of the fig while being a different direction, I WISH the rest of that pack had been that good. It looked like they poored all the money into FF and forgot eveyone else was in the pack.

  • The only really bad figure in the Urban Strike Division set was the ninja force Storm Shadow…just because that mold sucked.

    Also, Scrap-Iron’s accessories sucked.

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