Falcon Pilot (Code Name: Grunt)

I lost my grandmother last week, and it’s been a difficult time to do the usual stuff of life, much less photograph and write about toys. That’s why most of the writing from week’s posts have been cribbed from entries written years ago. Today I was going to post Falcon glider Grunt, not realizing until I pulled up the old entry there was a connection within my memory to my grandmother. I know she wouldn’t want me feeling bad about losing her, and so reading the entry lifts my spirits. Thanks grandma, for so many great memories.

The first Joe vehicle I bought was the Falcon glider. I had received $10 from my grandmother for my birthday and so on the way home, I bade my parents to take me to Montgomery Wards so I could spend the tenner that was burning a hole in my little pocket. After hemming and hawing far longer than any nine year old has a right, I settled on the Falcon glider.

Here begins my fascination with repainted figures. At a time when the most colorful Joes were Flash and Grand Slam, tan Grunt was a real standout. With his desert themed color, you might consider him the first environment specific Joe.

Most of the early drivers didn’t include weapons, and Grunt is no different. I usually armed him with Snow Job’s laser rifle, since it was featured so prominently in the cartoon. Better yet, the accessory pack included a Grunt backpack in the same shade of tan.

I’ve wondered about the difference in placement of the sleeve pockets on the ’82 (side of the arm) and ’83 figures (front of the arm). I’m guessing it’s something to do with the swivel arm and shoulder cuts. Another difference to point out between the two years’ figures–the waist. The original was quite bulky with a simple ‘H’ belt buckle, while the later version was more streamlined and added the familiar Hasbro ‘house’ symbol to the belt. A neat little touch.

Oh and the Falcon glider in these pics is a custom made styrene (non-flying) toy made by the amazing D&J Toys. Love it.


  • Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. However, glad to hear you have many great memories of (and adjacent to) her.

  • Sorry about your grandmother, my father passed last week as well. It has been a hard winter. Good to hear nice stories like this.

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