Duke (2011 Renegades)

I’ve had Renegades Duke here in the on-deck circle for a couple of months, and just couldn’t bring myself to write about him until now. Don’t get me wrong, I think the figure itself is fantastic. The sculpting and removable gear are all on par with the other recent Joe figures. I really don’t have a problem with the wrist joints, either. Again, great figure, I’m just a lazy blogger.

It took a renewed interest in the animated series, actually based on my wife’s sudden interest in the show to get me off my duff and cover the figure. How did that happen? I was streaming the show from my computer late one night and fell asleep. She picked up on the show and watched through episode nine in one night. Anyway, I’ve laid bare my thoughts about the Joe team’s top kick before, so I thought I’d turn it over for her thoughts.

Joe A Day: So after watching a bit of the show, what do you think of Renegades Duke, especially compare to the old show?

Awesome Wife: He didn’t do it for me. I appreciate that he didn’t get kidnapped in the first episode, but he doesn’t have the commanding presence of the old Duke. He’s a bit of a bleeding heart; I’m waiting for Scarlett to smack him.

JAD: As a non-Joe fan, what about the show drew you in to watch nine episodes in a row? That’s too cool.

AW: The fact it was so dramatically different from the more formulaic older series. It’s also kind of a homage to the A-Team. And…I do love the A-Team. I see elements of the series “V” in it as well, with Cobra being this evil all-encompassing entity behind a squeaky-clean front.

JAD: So are you going to watch the reminder of the series?

AW: Yes, if you remember to stream it for me. Plus I really want to see what happens to Ripcord. (No spoilers in the comments, please!)

JAD: Thanks for giving me a insight to the show from a non-geek perspective. You rock, by the way.




  • I plan on putting the Renegades universe on an alternate earth in my fanfic multiverse. I wish they would get around to making figures of Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jaye, Baroness, heck even Jinx, Destro, Mindbender, Zartan and Major Bludd.

  • Great figure!
    A good refresh of old Duke!

  • I still find his lack of pupils off-putting, and I hate hate hate the lower abdomen they used, ’cause it makes it impossible to have him go in just his shirt unless you find that weird belt that can fill in the bigass indentation, but otherwise this is a sharp figure, and I hope to get him eventually.

    Also, please tell your wife that I said Rosebud is Duke’s sled from when he was a kid.

    • And then tell her I meant to say “Ripcord’s sled”, but instead I made a dumb spoiler joke completely nonsensical.

      Just tell your wife some dude named Monte needs a nap, I guess.

  • A lot of the Renegades figures just look too plain to me. I’d say “uninspired”, but they’re obviously inspired by the less military look of the show. Maybe a good Duke for special missions. And Mrs. Joe-A-Day does rock; my better half will find anything to do when I turn on Joe ‘toons.

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