Duke (2008 Tiger Force)

As much as Duke gets grief from collectors now and again, I’ve not really had a problem with the character. Maybe that comes from being a fan of the Sunbow cartoon, and the great voice acting of Michael Bell. Now that I’m thinking about it, Duke really didn’t do much in those first few mini-series until later in each one. He was either captured or just plain out of commission for most of the events. The same even happened in the GI Joe animated movie. Thankfully he was only in his famous coma, and didn’t have to pull an Optimus Prime.

With this Tiger Force version, the 25th anniversary Duke arm issues were finally addressed. Since the first 25th anniversary figure, Duke had poorly placed articulation cuts in his forearms. Since he was bare handed, there was no way to hide the joint around gloves, so his bare forearms kept being reused with several repaints. Tiger Force Duke used a more preferable method, and the cut joint is located at the point where his rolled up sleeves meet his arms. It makes a huge difference in the look of the figure.

The colors are nicely subdued, in keeping with the classic version. I’ve often wondered why Flint and Duke made it through the Tiger Force repaint days without a hint of bright yellow somewhere. Maybe Hasbro thought the leaders shouldn’t stand out to the enemy as much as the lower ranking bulletstoppers.


  • Another TJ Maxx acquisition for yours truly. Also of note is that they made the hair color correction that didn’t happen with the original version.

    If time travel were possible, I’d go back and show the Hasbro team the designs for both these arms and the ones for Flint (along with the waist adjustment that came with the 5-pack flint), along with putting the Croc Master hands in those same flint arms; the fixed Viper arms and head; the better Wild Bill head sculpt from Rise of Cobra; the waist adjustment for Serpentor, Gung-Ho, and Beachheadand; a better design alternative for Steeler and Major Bludd (based on the Desert Pack version).

  • I dont have to worry about the “bad” arms as my Tiger force Duke [1988] was a score along with Subzero [not the mortal combat guy] and Bespin fatigues Luke from a local car boot sale.
    Anyone else notice that V1 Tiger force Duke went from being blonde to brown haired?

    Can you imagine how kids would have reacted if the ’87 Joe movie blew characters away like the Transformers movie? I was never that upset about Dukes death. Like what Rob said about him he never did much in the cartoon [apart from get captured]. Now if Snakeyes had been killed i imagine that would have caused a bit of backlash

    Micheal Bell certainly got around in the 80’s I’m struggling to think of cartoons he didnt work on.

  • I too grabbed this guy at a TJ Maxx and I didn’t regret it. I did appreciate them finally fixing the Duke arms, though my Doc was a late enough submitted mail-away that I also had the fixed arms on him. I realize I’m probably in the minority, but I miss the brown hair. My brother had the original Tiger Force Duke and he was the only Duke we had until 1991 so I have pretty fond memories of him having brown hair.

  • You guys are wiser than me, I passed at TJ. I was never a fan of the sub units, but after FSS2 announcements I decided I needed the 25th Duke & Flint.

  • Eh, had I not had the childhood ties of it having been in my brother’s collection back in the day, I don’t know if I ever would have pulled the trigger. I’m not a Duke hater but I’ve just never been that enamored with the look of the original figure…but throw him in Tiger Force colors and I have a hard time not picking him up because of nostalgia.

  • I love “Tiger Force” version 1: the best ARAH Duke i.m.o.!

  • Nicely subdued colors on the Tiger Force Duke. I was never a fan of this sub team but it’s an okay figure.

    Duke lead the Joes during the first three mini-series and the first season of the regular series. By the second mini and throughout the first season, Flint was basically co-leading or swapping roles with Duke. Then came General Hawk, who dominated much of the second season whenever Flint or Slaughter weren’t around.

    t’s surprising that Duke would pull such a comeback in the movie, most likely so he could be offed and replaced by Lt. Falcon had there been a third season.

  • Ha! Sold mine, and bought a complete vintage version. Not to say this fig is bad,but it doesn’t blow me away either. Looking closely at Duke here, I don’t care for those rounded out top of the legs that make a lot of modern era figures look bow-legged. And don’t get me started on that horrid chest joint? Why is it even there? Humans don’t bend at the chest. The face sculpt is also extremely dated, slap that Renegades one on and paint his hair brown, that would look interesting.

  • @Troublemagnet
    Agreed. The abbcrucnch is a bit silly if you ask me. I dont know why they dont bring back the waist swivel. Modern star wars figures have waist joints

  • @ Skymate-Did modern era joes ever swivel at the waist?

  • It trips me out how many articulation differences there are in modern Joes.

    Also, I LOVE that they included the flag shoulder patch! (originally included with 1983 mail order Duke)

  • “I don’t care for those rounded out top of the legs that make a lot of modern era figures look bow-legged. And don’t get me started on that horrid chest joint? Why is it even there?”

    Agree 100% on this.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I’ve always been a fan of Tiger Force. I prefer the original line’s Tiger Force Duke, but this is a nice looking figure. Officially, who’s the leader of Tiger Force, Duke or Flint?

  • @Dreadnok: Spirit
    Apparently, according to the packaging, it’s Flint.

  • @Acer
    On a similar note, when i was a kid i thought Duke was a General as he always giving orders to everyone in the few episodes i saw
    I wish modern figures had a waist joint of some sort. It would make customisimng a lot easier

  • Dreadnok: Spirit


    Thanks. I’ve often wondered about that.

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