Dragonsky (2006)

Here’s hoping we get a Dragonsky as an attendee exclusive at this year’s con. Hey, it could happen, after all, his first figure showed up that way in 2005. Which brings me to this figure, released just one year later. I find myself liking both figures for different reasons, the con version’s strengths being the helmet and incredible camo, and the comic pack version’s being its more faithful comic look.

This version also manages to salvage part of a mold I really can’t stand. I’ve never cared for the SAW Viper, and this figure utilizes half of it. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from its reuse in the making of the 2001 Zartan. The original SAW Viper also doesn’t stand up to the hulking evil look of the comic portrayal; in fact, the ’90 figure is downright puny.

I adore all of the comic pack Oktober Guard, and like his teammates, Dragonsky’s parts and paint choices come together perfectly. The padded uniform is well replicated, and who would have thought that Ice Cream Soldier and Sky Creeper parts could work so well together on the same figure?

Oh, and the head is very nice too. It would make an excellent choice for an unmasked Inhumanoids Auger custom. If I only had an extra…


  • The lower legs are actually from the DEF Mutt. Even Yojoe.com made this mistake. Other than that, I’m glad I have this figure, though I still wish he had a helmet. For now, I gave him an extra ROC Off-Screen Battles Shockwave gas mask.

  • All I can say it’s that he’s better than no Dragonsky at all. Nice mix of parts here. I’m grateful to Hasbro for going the extra mile and completing the Oktober Guard by giving us their later members. I also wish they’d included something resembling Dragonsky’s helmet as was the case with the Con version, although he did sport the bald look more often.

  • An amazing action figure!

  • Without a helmet this guy kind of sucks. Plus I think the con figure is one of the top 5 con figures ever. This figure simply doesn’t live up to the con standard.

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