• Dreadnok: Spirit

    “I promise I’ll stop with the Iron Grenadiers soon.”

    Why? The Iron Grenadiers are seriously underrated. I really like the Dominator’s artwork, but the actual toy was pretty cheap.

  • The art is decent. It looks a lot better than the toy does. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the 2002 version since it was so bad. That’s saying something as I was pretty a completist back then. The total design is just…odd. I guess it’s no worse than the Razorback or Demon. But, for some reason, those just seem cooler.

  • It’s not a good toy. folding the treads in put stress marks on the holding tabs on the red color body. So I didn’t fold them in after the first time. Leaving them folded in means you cannot land the copter mode because those side gun mounts stick out. Aesthetics wise the separate cockpits make no sense. There’s mini guns mounted on the side of engines, with no apparent ammo source, as that was trend…randomly stuck-on guns and missiles.

    Also, if a tank’s treads are for over coming rough terrain, but the Dominator can turn into a copter, what’s the point? It doesn’t seem efficient in either mode. Lacks armor for a tank, looks bulky and strange as a chopper.

    The 2002 one seems less fragile, but replaces the gold with a more obnoxious yellow and has the canopies altered to accommodate the broad shoulder “nu sculpt” releases.

    • I’m suprised it doesnt have rear propelers so it can swim

    • James From Miami

      I do not have the 1990 version, so I can not comment on that one. But I do have the 2002 version, and it is totally crappy. The one that I got, some of the parts easily fall off. The threads sometimes come off if I try to bend them, for the helicopter mode. And the Destro figure that came with that Destro’s Dominator was not that impressive. It din’t even came with a weapon. One thing that you forgot to mention, was that the threads of the 2002 version were retooled, for what ever reason. So they do not have the tab on the side, to connect the machine guns that go right there on the threads.

  • ”Imagine the concept of a tank spliced with a helicopter?”Someone just might get the idea of putting a submarine together with a jet plane, and call it a”Jet Sub.”

  • James From Miami

    I’m surprise that nobody mentioned, that the other passenger on the vehicle next to Metal-Head, is an Undertow trooper. One of Destro’s frogmen inside of a land vehicle. I guess, that since this was the first Iron Grenadiers vehicle that did not came with a figure, they had to show the recent carded ones on the cover of the box instead. But to me it just looks weird. An Annihilator trooper instead, which by the way, they were still been sold in 1990, would have made way more sense to me.

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