Destro (2010 Resolute)

How’s this for a regal Destro? After years of supervillain disco chic and Scottish swashblucker ensembles, the famous weapons supplier’s look was reimagined for the Resolute animated special. More than any other, this is a Destro in command.

Right off the bat, I’m reminded of a previous Destro design that wasn’t translated to action figure form. The Sunbow series put him into a similar sort of long overcoat on those occasions when Cobra embarked upon arctic missions. It painted a Destro that was equally commanding and regal.

Resolute took the concept of Destro as weapons supplier to another level by providing him with a robotic right arm. It’s not too much of a stretch, and I can see it as an outgrowth of the original character design, with its armored gauntlets and wrist rockets. The origins of the arm would make for an interesting backstory. Did he lose the arm in battle, or simply upgrade himself willingly?

Accessories are quite nice, though I’m at a loss as to how he can hold his rifle effectively. I’m certainly not a weapons expert, and I confess to not understanding the usefulness of a lot of the newly designed rifles we see in the modern Joe lines. Are these things real? Rifles like this one seem more centered on beauty of design rather than combat effectiveness. Maybe I’m wrong, but it just looks a darn unwieldy weapon to carry into battle.

Destro also wouldn’t be complete with an opening pack or briefcase with weapons inside, and this one takes the effort a little further with a removable machine gun and flip-up computer screen.



  • I love this guy. I’ve always been a Destro fan, and when the Resolute sets came out, this guy replaced the Iron Grenadier version of Destro as my favorite regal Destro. I agree that the rifle is a little cumbersome, but it looks like something Destro would have designed and pimped out. I’m also glad that someone else likes the robot arm. Maybe it’s just the people I know, but very few of them liked that feature, but I thought it was a neat little addition to him and really opens up the storytelling possibilities for him. And man, as much as I love the briefcase o’ money from City Strike Destro, that briefcase that this one comes with is just great!

  • Now this saw an assortment of reuse (though the head comes from the earlier 2007 25th Anniversary figure). The body and twin pistols went on to be used for two of this year’s con-exclusive figures (the heavy weapons Iron Grenadiers), the main rifle was remolded in gold and given to that same con-exclusive set’s Voltar, and the briefcase with MP5 was also packed with the POC General Hawk.

  • I do like this figure but gold-top, Scottish swashbuckler is still the definitive look for me. I would love that case though.

  • I believe the rifle is an israeli tavor assault rifle. by placing the action behind the trigger (bullpup configuration) theres no wasted space from the gunstock. which allows a shorter firearm length without sacrificing barell length. its more maneuverable and lighter.
    Not very many joes can hold it properly. the retaliation trooper with the wrist articulation and overall longer upper arms and forearms can hold it perfectly.

  • This figure is awesome (exspecially for customs), but the robot arm is silly.

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