David “Salvo” Hasle (2005)

Salvo was one of the last GI Joe characters I would have expected when the DTC line was going. With assortments that included much requested new sculpt Cobras like a basic trooper and Crimson Guard, I thought the Joes would be represented with similarly demanded individuals.

It’s not that I don’t like Salvo; I think the original is one of the more unique looking and uniquely accessorized figures in the old line. A few elements of the old were pulled in here, like the helmet and the graphic on the shirt. Although, I have to chuckle at the font choice on the shirt this time, as it looks like he had it made at one of those mall kiosks from the 80’s. I wonder if those letters are puffy also.

The weaponry is less fantastical than before, and is a missile launcher that looks more akin to something an actual human being can handle without suffering a debilitating back injury. And it really fires, too! I guess DTC wasn’t a totally collector focused line after all.

The Grunt figure as a base isn’t bad, although again I miss the old figure’s unique legs, with wrap around bandoliers. I’m usually interested in seeing the old figures taken in new directions, but my excitement is tempered in this case by an overall plain looking mold. The forearm piece (whatever it is) however is a funky new addition. At first I thought it was an homage to the Lego-like brick armguards of Built To Rule.


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