Cross Country (2014)

What a difference a year makes. It seems like only yesterday, I received the Collector’s Club rendition of Iceberg. I’m still having nightmares about that fugly figure–yikes. It’s a shame he wasn’t done justice. But I’ve beat up on Iceberg enough. Lo and behold, here comes Cross Country, and the difference in quality is night and day. In terms of design, fit and finish, it’s like going from the first 25th anniversary assortment to the Pursuit of Cobra in one year.

Like his 80s counterpart, Cross Country has a lot of personality in his head sculpt. He looks the part of the likeable guy who appeared in both the cartoon and comic book. Though he retains the general elements that defined his original figure, new elements have also been added, and the figure benefits from the reuse of more recent body parts. The newly produced vest recalls the old while bringing in a new element, a holster. This addition befits the character while providing him with needed firepower. The fact that it’s a personalized weapon is a cool extra. Not to be forgotten is his specialty as a vehicle driver, and he’s got a huge wrench as well.

I’ve not been able to pick up many of the recent club exclusive figures in the last few years, and so I’ve been looking forward to the incentive figures more and more. Cross Country pays homage to the past, while updating and modernizing a bit. The modular construction style seems to be allowing for an unlimited amount of character potential with just a few part additions. When it works, the results are brilliant.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    My favorite Cross Country was the Battle Corps version.

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my mail today to find him here. I just didn’t figure they’d gotten him out yet. My experience is it’s usually around mid-May that membership figures come out. I was very excited to open him up and am very glad I rejoined the GIJCC (despite my initial reluctance). It’s a good figure and I’m definitely glad I didn’t rejoin last year with Iceberg. I loved Iceberg as a kid, but that figure was just awful…

  • This has got to be one of the best modern-era renditions of a character yet. Once the Arctic Dr. Mindbender’s past, wonder how they’ll top this?

  • I so wanted to like the ’86 Cross Country. Vehicle drivers at the time tended to be really cool figures. But, that was a major childhood disappointment. I don’t collect this anniversary stuff. But, this looks like a Cross Country that would have lived up to my expectations in a different time.

  • Thats a really great figure! His wrench has to be one of the best accessories of all time

  • I got mine in yesterday. Very pleased to say the least. The club nailed it this time around and the line is so much better for it. Team ’86 wouldn’t be complete without our favorite son of the South. The holster is a great addition and the head sculpt is awesome. As you said, Cross Country has always been one of the more likeable Joes in both the cartoon and comic. He’s easily my second favorite vehicle driver next to my namesake Clutch. As such, this figure is one heck of a welcome addition to my collection.

  • Down with the modern era! Long live the o-ring!

  • Always liked Cross-Country and this figure is a winner. Really captures his media look, instead of his weird V1 potato-head. I usually don’t like those ROC Flash legs and moon-boots but they work here.

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