Craig “Rock ‘N Roll” McConnell (2005)

I used to customize action figures quite a bit. I’d love to do some again, but I just can’t find the time these days (wonder why?) As a customizer, I wasn’t averse to doing a little sculpting work to bring a base figure in line with the look I wanted. Sometimes, however, I just didn’t want to go through the trouble, and tried to search for a part that could work without modification. When it comes to making an effective custom in this way, parts choice can make or break a figure. Some of the Big Ben parts used for the comic pack Rock ‘N Roll still bug me in that sense.

The crossed bandoliers were obviously the signature element of Mr. McConnell’s original figure. Big Ben’s torso is a solid approximation, but using the SAS fighter’s arms as well detracts from what could’ve been the best of the comic pack’s original 1982 team figures. The previous year’s Double Clutch had short sleeves, in keeping with the original figure, and they were even quite beefy, a perfect fit for a guy who’s a former body builder and machine gunner. Why weren’t they used here? Who knows. A parts swap with Clutch won’t work in this case, since Clutch is molded in a deeper green color. Considering the thick look of the shirt (which is really a jacket) and the gloves painted to look like flesh, Craig has always seemed to me like he’s dressed for chilly weather.

Heavy coat aside, this figure maintains its position as one of my favorite of the comic pack Joes. It’s due to the personality of the head sculpt, which is a great interpretation of the Marvel comic look. The hair and beard are appropriately bushy, and even though the head is a bit small for the o-ring body, I still prefer it to the later 25th anniversary versions. I’d like to get some more copies of this head to make some o-ring Adventure Team customs.

Weapon choices were often lacking in the new sculpt era, but the comic packs seemed to be a bit less haphazard. Rock ‘N Roll carries a pretty great machine gun, complete with bipod. Even the SAW Viper backpack is an appropriate choice, as it’s basically a huge ammo box.


  • I customize…a lot. Its how i stave off bordome. I’m currently unemployed and am trying to get into university so i build and paint model kits and custom figures to pass the time. I’ve got it down to a form of art. Problem is i now have no space for all my customs and models.

  • I know what I’d do if I ever got two copies of this figure: for the extra, I’d swap the arms with those of an extra Comic Pack Classified, and the waist and legs with those of a third Comic Pack Zap.

  • This could have been the perfect Rock “N” Roll figure if only Hasbro could have combined the beefier Clutch arms with Big Ben’s torso in the figure’s original purplish green/blue hues. The head sculpt alone is spot on to the sans helmet comic version we first encountered way back in “Hot Potato,” the excellent back-up from issue #1.

    It’s still a great figure and next to “Classified” and the Oktober Guard members, it ranks high among my favorites from the o-ring comic pack era.

  • @Skymate

    You should post a link to your models and customs one of these days. I’m sure we’d all love to check ’em out.


    I knew you’d turn up with something. I never thought about Classified or Zap but this stuff comes to you fast as lightning! Man, I wish Hasbro would hire you to revive the vintage o-ring line so it could be done right this time.

  • @Clutch. No problem. Maybe i could get a day of the week like like Feildreports. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting stuff to work lately. Give me a few days.

  • @Clutch
    The idea with the Zap parts was to do ‘tan’ instead of yellow, so while it’d still be more comic-accurate, it’d also be sensible. The same parts could also make the comic pack Breaker toy-accurate as well. You could then give his arms to the Comic Pack Short-Fuze and give that same Short-Fuze the Zap waist and legs as well.

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