• ”As Dr. Minbender put it-”The Joe’s Rolling Thunder is a rolling Battleship on wheels, ready to knock Cobra’s teeth out.”

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Why is Hot Seat driving? And also, every single person in the picture is generic and indistinguishable.

  • With all the convoy attacks in the cartoons, they could’ve used a battle platform like the Rolling Thunder! For a coloring book, there’s some nice detail on the main turret.

  • Spiritofthebeachhead

    Have you all seen/ played the Micro Machines race game/app? Its on my phone amd has several GI Joe vehicles including Rolling Thunder. (Also Hiss, Awe striker, killer whale and more)

  • Fun toy! I want that Coloring Book.

  • If there’s any GI Joe toy I remember loving as a kid, it is the Rolling Thunder. That thing was awesome.

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