Cobra Pilot (2008)

Original name, yes? Was the Cobra code name generator in the shop? 2008 saw the release of the Cobra FANG and CLAW vehicle two pack. Included were the Cobra Pilot and Cobra Viper. The mold is the 25th anniversary Cobra Soldier. Included is a new helmet, based on a design of a Cobra gas mask trooper from the Marvel comic. I think it works nicely as a generic pilot helmet. He’s also equipped with the super cool Sunbow cartoon Cobra laser rifle. The web gear, boots and belts are all dark blue this time around, and the figure has a red stripe on the side of his pants and shirt. Not a wildly different design, but interesting enough to stand apart from the other generic Cobra troops. He reminds me of the period in the Marvel comic before the well-known (i.e. Hasbro designed) Cobra specialty troops showed up, and the comic artists had to design their own versions.

The box art shows the pilot in the FANG copter, but the figure was packaged in the CLAW. There’s probably someone out there who’s perturbed by this, but I say what the hay–a pilot’s a pilot. Slap him in any old vehicle for all I care. He’s just gonna get shot down by the Joes and parachute to safety anyway. Wait, he doesn’t have a parachute. Uh-oh, somebody’s probably perturbed by that too. Sunken ditch! Which one should he pilot?! Can’t decide! Nerd rage!

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