Storm Shadow (2009 Arctic Threat)

Arctic Threat Storm Shadow is another of the later series movie line figures that made up a sort of expanded universe of characters and designs. Most of the figures took their cues from the movie’s style, but some also added a little extra, sometimes harkening back to the original action figures. This particular Storm Shadow shows influences of his vintage

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Red Fang Ninja (2009)

The 2009 GI Joe movie figures fell into two categories: those based directly on the movie, and those who were part of a group of characters who follow the movie aesthetic, but look like they may have been just off-screen. The latter group, of which the Red Fang ninja is part, were made up of re-used parts from movie and

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Kamakura (2009)

The 2009 GI Joe movie gave rise to what I feel is a mixture of lackluster (most of the Dukes), downright fugly (Cover Girl) and a few interesting figures. The movie line carried over the weaknesses in the film’s costume design. That is, most of the Joes in the film were outfitted with similar uniforms. One of the biggest strengths

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