Elite Viper (2010)

I’ve said it before in other entries, and I think it’s time to focus on something I have an inexplicable fascination with when it comes to Joes. I call it Nice Pants Syndrome. In order to heal, one must first admit they have a problem. So this week, I’m focusing on it. Welcome to Nice Pants Week. Let’s kick it off, shall we?

The end of the Rise of Cobra movie line was a source of frustration for a completist like me. The last assortment of the single figures were few and far between due to a glut of earlier figures still languishing on shelves. When the final wave of alpha vehicles and Target exclusive figure/vehicle combos were announced as being cancelled, it didn’t seem too bad. After all, if they’re not officially released, then I don’t worry too much about getting them. But when I found out that they actually were released to stores, first in Canada then at Ross stores, the hunt was back on.

This  edition of the  Elite Viper was included with the Cobra Flight Pod, a red and black recolor of the 25th anniversary version. The figure is colored to match the vehicle he drives. To me, the best way I can describe the crazy pattern on his pants is club camo. I don’t know what environment he could blend into, but he’ll look fabulous doing it. Actually, the Elite Vipers are described on the file card as personal guards to Destro, who is known to sometimes get toffed up to the nines. So considering that, I think I get the look. When Destro steps out on the town in his leopard print, these are the cats he takes with him. Hey, if you look good at the club, shouldn’t your boys look good too?

The mold is mostly the previously released Elite Viper from the movie line, a sculpt I really liked, much more so than the Neo-Vipers. It’s got a lean-and-mean and much more utilitarian look than the rank and file Cobras from the movie.

So to you Elite Viper, I say “Nice Pants.”

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