Wraith (2008)

By Past Nastification Released as “Mercenary Wraith”, this figure is based on a character pulled from the GI Joe comic book while under the direction of Devil’s Due. If I remember correctly, the character was created by Brandon Jerwa, not Josh Blaylock. This might explain why despite the over-the-top super villain costume, the character was handled with more finesse. Although

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M*A*S*H Figures

By Past Nastification Do you remember being a kid and playing with your toys? If your playtime created storylines akin to movies, the Joes and Cobras were the stars. Thankfully, there were ample “supporting players” to round out the cast. Sgt. Rock/The Bad Guys, Adventure People, Tonka Play People, A-Team/The Bad Guys*, and CHIPs. And even a handful of human

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