Captivating Cover: The Cobra Shrinking Ray

Cobra Shrinking RayComic book covers often utilize exaggerated and fanciful depictions of scale for effect. I thought that was the case here, but apparently that’s meant to be an actual tiny Hawk in danger of being flattened by the comparatively huge fist of Cobra Commander. Guess I should have read the title from the get-go.

These Marvel-produced coloring books seem to have a different feel to them, at least in terms of the cover art. There’s less reliance on poses that resemble key art, as if the artists were given a bit more free reign with their depictions. Then again, this one is a little plain. It’s too bad there aren’t more Joe represented on the Commander’s giant table, or a few outsized props to further emphasize the size difference. Maybe a large beaker, or unexplained spool of thread. You know, the sort of image that would do Bert I. Gordon proud.


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