Captivating Cover: Order of Battle Issue 2

The Order of Battle series’ most famous addition to GI Joe lore is perhaps the short-lived addition of Rocky Balboa to the team. The very next issue retracted the character, as alas Rocky was not available to become part of the toy line. But hey, at least we got The Fridge!

The back cover of the wraparound art by Herb Trimpe features a shot of Rock himself, situated just behind Slaughter’s Renegades. I wonder if the placement of Rocky on the back cover wasn’t a case of hedging their bets, as he’s not nearly as prominent as he could be.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Rambo would’ve made more sense, but Coleco was licensing the rights for their own Rambo line (which is underrated).

    • Spiritofthebeachhead

      I agree i did have fun with the Rambo toys. Nice weapons ans enough articulation but just not enough universe. The guy at Retroblasting has a great vid on the Rambo line.

  • Spiritofthebeachhead

    How can i log in again? Spirit of the Beachhead

  • Spiritofthebeachhead

    Oh seems it worked. I found this Order of Battle for $1 recently at a comic shop. Love it and have 2 which i use as backdrops in displays. Never noticed Rocky there!! So big thanks. Sharing these with my little ones is major fun and hoping they catch the bug. Asked the 3 yesr old today what he wants for next birthday cake and he said GI Joe, “like Appa”!!!

    Great blog Rob and all the contributors.

  • Cool to see Sarge in his BDUs. But Scarlett is about to go savage on somebody! When the entire force is running the other direction. Maybe she really hates paparazzi?

  • Wet Suit’s all the way at the back of the gang all dressed up in his diving gear, must be tough keeping up with the team wearing flippers and stuff… 🙂

  • The Renegades’ only comic appearance. Quick Kick is gonna hurt a comrade by swinging those nunchucks around.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Or like most, he’ll knock himself out.

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