Captivating Cover: Ice Force

Holy cow! Now this is action! I really want to see what happens in this book, but unfortunately that’s not the point of the Captivating Cover feature. We simply judge the book by its–you know…

The book appears to feature the relaunch series version of Frostbite. However, like other covers in the same series, the character design differs from its toy counterpart. Though not as drastic a change as the Moray seen a while back, Frostbite nevertheless has been liberally reinterpreted for this shot. I can’t imagine how he’s maintaining a one-handed grip on an icy outcropping, but I suppose that adrenaline kicks in at these moments.

Also making an appearance here is the kind of climbing pick that would become standard accessory fare for arctic figures in the modern Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra toy lines.


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