Captivating Cover: GI Joe 3-D #5

If I had still been into GI Joe in 1988, and knew that a 3D comic existed featuring Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow together back-to-back, I would have dropped my most recent X-Men comic faster than you could say Claremont and Silvestri. 

Alas I had no idea the three-dimensional adventures of the post-1986 Joes had continued beyond issue number one, as my local comic shop did not carry it further. Thanks to The Internets I can now see what I missed. 


  • The art here isn’t phenomenal, but the subject matter makes up for it. Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow teaming up against the Iron Grenadiers and some ’80s street thugs? That’s action!

    • If this were Star Wars fandom, those thugs would have names and maybe back stories.

      The art looks like mediocre fan art.

      • Dreadnok: Spirit

        I love Star Wars as much as the next person, but all that Expanded Universe bullshit is just officially licensed fanfic.

        • Most of which is objectively better-written than about 75% of the bullshit that Lucas or Disney have come up with. ;^)

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