Captivating Cover: GI Joe #146

Star Brigade! GI Joe and space travel have a long history, and even though the 90s flirtation with the final frontier was more based in sci-fi than fact, I appreciate the branching out of Joe into new themes. Unfortunately the end of the era came much too quickly, and the team was back solidly on Earth for its 2002 reboot. But we’ll always have 1993 in toys and comics. Say what you will about the excesses of comic art back then, but at the very least things were bold and action packed. If that’s your thing, this short foray into space is worth checking out.

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  • As goofy as these issues were, Hama’s worst was still better than Devil’s Due’s best.

    Maybe it’s just that GI JOE ARAH doesn’t quite work outisde of 80’s/early 90’s.

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