BTR-Ticles: Rock Crusher

by Twitziller

The Built to Rule Rock Crusher was offered in the first series of BTR in 2003.

The Rock Crusher’s primary mode is an assault quad (a one-person, four-wheel ATV) in the tradition of such vehicles as the 1988 Tiger Paw, the 2002 Assault Quad, and the Tiger Claw A.T.V. from 2011.

The included figure is the Joe team’s original Marine, Gung Ho, taking on the role of marine recon commander. The figure features o-ring construction.

The Rock Crusher’s secondary mode is a land luge. Yes, land luge. Luges were big in the early 00s.

The Rock Crusher’s weapons include the ubiquitous BTR minguns in black with tan colored mounts, and the standard BTR missile launcher in silver with a black missile.

Notable parts from the Rock Crusher include the front hood piece with hand grip, the 3×4 reverse slope brick, the seat brick, the 2×8 brick with slopes at each end, and the front bumper piece, all in tan.

Many of the parts from the Rock Crusher were re-used in the 2004 Cobra Venom Striker assault quad.

The tan/brown desert colorway of the Rock Crusher was used on several Joe BTR vehicles.

The set includes many printed pieces, including pieces printed with the hybrid GI Joe logo used at the time.

The set’s fenders and handlebar piece, though not unique to the Rock Crusher, work well together in a number of ways.

Though the set is small, it offers many possibilities for small land vehicles built to take on rough terrain.


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