BTR-Ticles: Rapid Runner

by Twitziller

The Built to Rule Rapid Runner is the second of two micro sets offered in the second series of BTR in 2004. Like the packaging of other second series sets, the figure is no longer visible through a clear window on the front of the box.

In its primary mode, the Rapid Runner is a one-person water craft that is shown in the instructions and on the front of the box being operated by a rider in a prone position. On the back of the box, the vehicle is shown being operated from a more upright, crouched position. The Rapid Runner carries on the tradition of ultra-light water craft such as the Sea Sled from 1966 and the Wave Crusher/Dragonfish released in 2003 with the Spy Troops line, in 2005 with the Valor vs. Venom line, and twice in 2009 with the Rise of Cobra line. No secondary mode is described for the set.

The included figure is Chief Torpedo, the Joe team’s original S.E.A.L. The figure is based on the 2003 Spy Troops Chief Torpedo figure and features o-ring construction.

The Rapid Runner’s only weapon is a small, user-powered missile/torpedo launcher.

Notable parts from the Rapid Runner include the light blue fairing with handlebars, the large dark blue wings with engines, the medium-sized wings in light blue, and the small vertical stabilizer fins in light blue.

The high concentration of wings and control surfaces in the set make both air and water vehicles possible.

The primarily blue colorway of the set also inspires air and water designs.

Attaching the pieces to mounting points on the figure’s uniform is reminiscent of Kenner’s Centurions line, and the pieces in this set are somewhat suggestive of Ace McCloud’s weapons systems.

Though the set is small, it offers many possibilities for vehicles that operate on, under, or above the water’s surface.


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