BTR-Ticles: Patriot Grizzly

by Twitziller

The Patriot Grizzly was part of the second series of Built To Rule sets which debuted with a limited release in 2004.
The set shares the name of the Spy Troops Patriot Grizzly released in 2003 and the Valor vs. Venom Night Force Patriot Grizzly released in 2004. The primary mode is a main battle tank, which means the set carries on the tradition of the aforementioned Patriot Grizzly releases, the 1982 MOBAT, and the 1985 Mauler.

The included figure is the Joe team’s technology specialist, Hi-Tech. Featuring O-ring construction, the BTR version of Hi-Tech is based closely on the 2004 Valor vs. Venom Hi-Tech figure.

The Patriot Grizzly’s secondary mode is a taller tank with a much more vertical chassis.

Since the parts for the Patriot Grizzly are designed to make a main battle tank, it’s not too difficult to make a MOBAT out of the set.

Notable parts for the Patriot Grizzly include the dark grey wheels, the black rubber treads, the large black gun with red missile, the 2-brick-high tan slopes and bricks, the turret rotation parts, the armored skirts in tan with black retainers, the red rounded brick, and the spring-loaded platform.

While on the subject of ARAH vehicles, the fact that the tank’s wheels can be assembled in long barrel-like shapes, coupled with the spring loaded rising platform allow the builder to make an approximation of the Cobra Rage.

Integrating the turret into the hull creates a design reminiscent of the Swedish “S” tank.

With all of the structural pieces and weapons, an armored heavy gun emplacement can be built.

Leaving the wheels and treads off entirely creates the opportunity for a hover tank.

Though BTR sets are designed to work with 4” figures, the larger sets can be used to create vehicles for 12” Joes, like this adventure team inspired mini-tank…

…and this turret-headed mech suit.


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