Breaker (1983)

I have always thought that some of the original thirteen Joes followed very closely from their adventure team predecessors. Breaker was one of the figures that gives me this impression. Most obvious to me is his look, specifically the head sculpt. To me, the bearded Joes looked like throwbacks to the fuzzy-head days of old. Another aspect that  strikes me about him is his lack of weapons (granted, he’s got a grenade on his chest). Breaker, like his teammate Flash, had the coolest accessories of the 1982 Joes. I can really see both of these guys repainted in brighter colors, hanging out at a 3 & 3/4 inch scale AT HQ, testing their then high-tech gadgets.

I enjoyed his character in the comics; it was amazing to me that Larry Hama was able to easily differentiate the members of the team, even with simple things like Breaker’s ever present bubble gum blowing and his sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Breaker was killed in action later in the series, which was a shame. It was also a shame that his specialty was usurped by Dial Tone, and that Breaker didn’t get a later redesign like his other teammates.


  • Great figures. The sons of the Disney “Black hole” action figures toy line!

  • I used the “he’s got no weapons, so he doesn’t kill anybody” angle on my mom so she would get him. Breaker did bug me due to his beard and lack of gum accessory. Couldn’t do much about the gum until the 25th Anniversary, but I shaved most of the paint off his chin so he would resemble the comic version. (Most, but not all. He ended up looking more like Clutch!) Breaker saw so much action within my ranks that I had to replace him with a new figure within one year. He was always a favorite and his demise was just plain lame. I hope that Larry Hama forgets about it just as he did with Sneak-Peek.

  • Ah! Ah! Ah!
    The Sneak Peek’s comics lapsus is embarassant!

  • Breaker was one of thr first Joes I owned and one of my favorites all time.

  • Breaker was the second Joe I owned. I got him along with the RAM on the same day. That was truly a good day. I will always love Breaker.

  • Of all the original Joe’s Breaker was not one of my favorites, I didn’t really pay attention to him until the issue he was killed. At that time I became sympathetic to him, and have always wanted a proper ARAG update to the original. since I never got it from Hasbro, I’ll have to make one.

  • Cool figure, too bad he didn’t come with any guns… Always thought every JOE should at least include a M-16 or M1911 45cal.
    Funny how his filecard has no beard…

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