Blade Warriors Brickwall (1993 Lanard)

In the 90s, Lanard Toys (makers of the GI Joe inspired series The CORPS!) produced an assortment of figures based around a futuristic athletic theme. To say it was high concept is an understatement. The best I can describe it is as Mad Max meets Rollerball. And I mean the original versions of both films, but especially Rollerball. James Caan vs. Chris Klein. Who wins that acting duel?

Anyway, Lanard’s CORPS! sports series was quite wacky. It was made even wackier thanks to the figures’ incorporation into Roller Warriors, a series intended to capitalize on the 90s roller blading craze. A choice few regular CORPS! molds also made it into the set, and all were given intricate inline skates that attach to the figures’ feet. It’s actually a nice looking set of figures, as they were painted up as two separate teams, one red and one blue. I prefer Brickwall’s color scheme here to his original uniform. 

The me-too lines that copied elements of GI Joe sometimes get flack, but I have to praise Landed for a well-done series like this. Is it dated? Yes. But just look at it. I tend to think the package art matches up more with the 80s than 1993. Where else are you going to see such amazing chrome rendered font? I love the packaging. How could I not, when my boy Lightning Mobutu is featured on the cardback art.


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