Baroness (1984)

Well, Joe fans, even though the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under us, we mustn’t fret too long. After all, the release of a movie, though it may provide a boost to sales for a bit, is not the fuel of fandom. It’s you and I, getting our GI Joe geek on with old product as well as new, be it toys, comics, cartoons or even bed sheets and party supplies.

So in the interest of providing a little balm for the Joe geek soul, here’s one of the all time faves, the Baroness. I could say a bazillion things about the character in its toy format or its cartoon and comic versions, but I just want to leave you with a couple pics of this figure. Memories are a big part of my experience as a fan, and while my excitement for a new movie and new toys has been dissipated, the joy I get from talking about Joes of all eras has not.

Feel free to share your own reflections on this figure in the comments, and don’t let today’s news get you down. No matter what shape the brand is in, the old stuff is still there, as entertaining and fun as ever.

Okay okay, I will say one thing about the original Baroness figure–I was never embarassed as a boy to have her figure. I mean, it’s not like she’s Bespin Princess Leia in a Spirograph deco gown, this lady is toting a man-sized laser rifle and covered in leather and armor! She’s totally kick-ass!



  • My brother makes a Michael Jackson crack every time he sees my figure. If the face were a bit paler and the nose was a little more nonexistent, it’d be a dead ringer for sure.

  • I recently got the 1997 version of the figure, and I’m wondering–was there ever something wrong with the waistpiece? It seems like the one on the 1997 figure doesn’t have that molded portion in the ‘crotch’ area on the inside that keeps the T-bar from thrusting forward, either with one leg going out or the other.

    • The original does not, but neither does my ’97 version. However, I’ve had 3 different ’97 Baronesses because all of them had some type of manufacturing defect – usually with the left arm. You might’ve just gotten an “off” one, too.

      V1 Baroness is a figure that holds up well over the years, like v1 Firefly, and doesn’t look too dated next to newer figures. I wish her rifle were a little easier to hold, as it’s not a terrible design, but that backpack doesn’t look good on anyone but her.

      • You may be right. Maybe I did just get an “off” one–nothing a repainted replacement waist can’t fix!

    • Woof. Makes me think about how terrible 1997 was. Movie being delayed, yeah, disappointing, but doesn’t compare to the disappointment I felt when I first saw the “Stars & Stripes Forever” set in stores.

      • I remember thinking that the base and flag were its only saving graces. The figures were unforgivable. At least with the display, you could place your vintage figures on it and recreate the classic poster image.

    • 1997 figures are all of bad quality, even the few that look good. It’s a shame really.

      A lot of mistakes from that time were never corrected on later releases. The constant reuse of the Roadblock waist for Snake-Eyes V1. The rolled up sleeve biceps on long-sleeved Snow Job. The Duke legs on Alley-Viper.

      • I have the 1997 Cobra Command Team 3-pack, and out of all the figures in the one I got, I think the Cobra Commander, aside from a slight looseness in his left elbow, is okay.

  • I love her sister, Chameleon!

  • I remember getting the Baroness along with Scrap Iron around my birthday in early ’84. I never dug her overall look much until Russ Heath placed her in the black leather suit. Wish he’d stayed on the comic a lot longer than issue #24! But yeah, those early figures were magical. I think I found Firefly soon after but Storm Shadow was a tough one. There’s something special about 1984 for me, which is probably my peak year for the line. The next two were awesome, but 1984 was hard to top.

    • Did the original figure have that issue in the waist that I mentioned earlier with my ’97 figure?

      • Mine didn’t and I don’t actually recall anyone mentioning it back in the day. The really serious waist issues began with the ’97 repaints and lasted up to the DTC days.

        • So do you think I’d be better off switching the waistpiece out with a fresher one–after a good coat of paint, of course?

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  • F### Princess Leia. The Baroness is the hottest fictional babe ever!

    Long Raven hair, leather, thigh-high boots, body armour, secretery glasses, does it get any hotter? OK, maybe Purgatori by Chaos Comics, but that´s it!

    The ´97 version would be quite cool if it weren´t made of such low quality plastic. The CC figure from that pack sucks so bad but I like Destro and think that both his and the Baroness colors go well together.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is definitely one of my all time favorite G.I. Joe figures. Just a classic all around and I’m so glad I had this one.

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